Monday, July 6, 2020


    Predictable Consequence of Poorly Thought-out Gun Laws

    The government told us we'd all be safer as a result of their ill-conceived gun confiscation. We told them that the laws would only affect law-abiding gun owners, not criminals. But Stuart Nash and his cronies knew best. We...

    Police Lives

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    Murder, Rape, Robberies, Assaults. Welcome to CHAZ

    Welcome to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. A few blocks in the middle of Seattle that was abandoned by Police after their precinct was taken over by Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa and other thugs and hippies, following days of protests and confrontations.

    The Winter of Our Discontent

    We watched in disbelief as mobs looted and vandalised in America, attacking and beating people, wrecking their businesses and murdering those that tried to stop them. The catch cry is "Justice for George", but the police officers who were involved in George Floyd's murder have already...

    Face of the Day

    Auckland police shooting: Police community and country reeling after officer's death New Zealand's police community has been left reeling after the first on-duty death of one of its own in more than a decade. A police officer was shot and...

    Why are they hiding this VIOLENT ATTACK from you?

    If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

    Nothing to See Here – Ignore That Bloodied White Girl

    Imagine if a gang of neo-Nazi thugs were caught on camera brutally bashing a helpless black or Muslim girl. The media would recycle the footage on constant rotation for weeks. Waleed Aly would weep on The Panel every night for days. Pundits would spew out gigabytes...

    Question 7 – Brett Hudson to the Minister of Police

    Yesterday National's Police spokesman Brett Hudson asked questions of Police Minister Stuart Nash on yesterday’s exposé that the Police failed to follow the law and properly vet the Christchurch shooter which enabled him to obtain a firearm's licence and then legally purchase firearms for his terror...

    Stuff Break Year Old News About Police Failures That Led to Chch Massacre

    In case you’ve not seen it, yesterday Stuff "broke" the story that Brenton Tarrant was given a firearms licence without going through the required vetting – a breach of the Police’s own policy. The March 15 terrorist was wrongly granted a firearms licence due...

    The Dark Side of Andrew Little

    Andrew Little appears to have an affinity with things dark. First, it was a mine where he finally saw the light and gave up on the ridiculous hope of bringing out the dead. Now he is focusing on life and involving himself in the Black Lives...


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