Sunday, May 31, 2020
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    The BFD View From Your Window

    Where do you think this photo was taken? The BFD. VFYW Editor Note: The BFD needs more views from your window. We particularly need challenging views that contain enough clues for the once a week prize-winning VFYW.

    Volunteer Writers Wanted

    The BFD is seeking motivated, concise, reliable, and professionally-minded writers. We are wanting to expand on the range of topics that we cover so your content does not have to be political. Local news stories are as welcome as anything to do...

    Jacinda’s COVID Crisis: Part Two

    In my previous article, I outlined how the Prime Minister got us into the COVID crisis by largely manufacturing it. Having successfully got us into it she now has to get us successfully out of it. Like wrapping the fish and chips this will be beyond...

    Race-based Hospital Waiting Lists | Chch Rates U-Turn | Public Health Follies

    Louis HoulbrookeNew Zealand Taxpayers' Union DHB prioritises patients according to race We were amazed to find out this week that Wellington's DHB now has a policy which moves Maori and Pacific patients to the front of their elective surgery queues.

    Random Impertinent Questions about Golriz Ghahraman

    The below Tweet was liked by our favourite Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman. The BFD. If Golriz liked the tweet does that mean that she supports the violent riots? If she is against violent rioting and...

    Big Sister’s State-controlled World of Diktats and Debt

    As with anything which is state-controlled, we have entered a twilight world of arbitrary diktats. We are told by Big Sister that those of us still having jobs may return to work. We must stay two metres away from strangers, but a metre away from those we know....

    37,500 Jobs Lost, 1 Active Case – Why Is the Govt Waiting?

    Press Release: ACT Party “A wave of economic destruction is approaching the country, and, with just one active COVID-19 case remaining, the Prime Minister must explain why she continues to wait to ease remaining restrictions on the economy,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

    Todd Muller is Really Excited

    Todd MullerNational Party Leader I’m really excited to share with you National’s new JobStart policy. Yesterday, I announced that my government would provide a $10,000 cash payment to businesses for all additional new employees, giving small business...

    A Slow-Motion Apocalypse

    Well, we didn’t quite emerge blinking and spluttering, casting looks aghast, countenances set against a chill wind, to greet the new dawn. It’s been more of a slow-motion apocalypse. The changes wrought by COVID-19 appear to be as much social as they are...

    The BFD Puzzle Post: Codecracker, Crossword, Sudoku

    Daily CodecrackerDaily CrosswordDaily Sudoku Welcome to our Daily puzzles. Readers requested daily puzzles so we have sourced three of them for your enjoyment. They are available for readers who have a bronze level subscription package and above with The BFD.


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