Friday, February 28, 2020
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    Satirical Image of the Day

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    A Judge, a Teenage Hoon, and a Whiney AA Spokesman.

    There's nothing quite like a story of a speeding teenager getting let off by a Dud Judge to get the opinions flowing. This week we hear of Kingston Webb, a resident of Napier (hmm, just what do you call that, a Napierian, a Napierite?). Anyway, young...

    Almost 12,000 MORE Children on Benefits

    Lindsay Mitchell Welfare commentator and Data released under the Official Information Act on Tuesday reveals almost 12,000 more children are dependent on welfare benefits since December 2017. "At 31 December 2019 there were 206,395 children aged 0-18 reliant on...

    Paying for Poverty Delivers Poverty

    [...] If you are completely dependent on social welfare then I don’t think it is unreasonable to consider yourself to be living in poverty. That will never change while you are welfare dependent and increasing weekly payments to beneficiaries will lift nobody out of poverty.

    International Media are Beginning to Notice Ardern’s Slipping Halo

    The Australian legacy media are not exactly noted for independence of thought. Obeying Homer Simpson’s “Code of the Schoolyard”, few of them will ever say anything unless they’re absolutely sure their colleagues agree with them. Whenever one of them parrots an opinion, the rest all squawk...

    Cancel Wokery!

    Lindsay In my recent article on the proposed downgrading of Concert FM, I concluded: "If compulsorily-acquired money is going to prop up radio stations, Concert FM should be at the top of the list." Having attended Monday's concert/protest...

    If You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse… It Probably Will

    The Coronavirus is rapidly turning into a pandemic. The really worrying thing about this virus is how incredibly easily it passes from human to human. It seems you only have to look at someone with the virus, and you've got it. Countries are trying desperately to...

    The BFD Puzzle Post: Codecracker, Crossword, Sudoku

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