Saturday, April 4, 2020
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    On Behalf of the Immune Compromised Minority

    Rachel Along with the daily tally of new COVID-19 cases, our news feeds shine the spotlight on the fact that there continue to be those who can’t follow the simple rules of ‘go home stay home’. It’s a frustrating reality to be faced...

    Will the Virus Achieve What the Left Could Not?

    [...] The relatively benign political environment in New Zealand is enough to stop most New Zealanders from worrying about their liberty - which is precisely the reason I’m alert to the threat this Government has become.

    After the Lockdown

    Every time we go into recession, it is a bolt from the blue. Remember in 1987, and indeed in 2008, times were good, everyone was employed, the economy was strong... and then BANG - it all fell apart within weeks. And so it is again. At...

    How I Ended up One of the 3600+ People under Quarantine inside a NZ Hotel

    I am self-employed and left New Zealand from New Plymouth Via Auckland on the 29th of Feb 2020 for South WA. I was well aware of the growing situation at home and abroad.  Having turned down work in other countries...

    It Started with Bat Soup and Might Now Be Ended by BAT

    In a delicious irony that may challenge the belief systems of those opposed to genetic engineering and also tobacco sponsorship, it looks like BAT (British American Tobacco) may have won the race to provide the first vaccine for COVID-19: The world’s second-biggest cigarette...

    The Government Snow Job over COVID-19 Testing Continues

    Yesterday I wrote about the differing standards that the Government is using to classify people as "recovered". We even went as far as to contact the Ministry of Health media spokesman to make sure we were saying the right thing and not misleading anyone as to...

    The BFD Face of the Day

    Today's face of the day NZ First leader Winston Peters has some positive things to say about New Zealand post the lockdown. "We can come out of this far more superior..." #Covid_19nz #COVID19 #NewZealand @winstonpeters speaks to @MagicTalkRadio— New Zealand First (@NZFirstNews) April...

    The BFD Word of the Day

    The word for today is... gustatory (adj) - Of or relating to the sense of taste. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Gustatory is a member of a finite set of words that describe the senses with which we encounter our world, the other members being visual, aural, olfactory,...

    The BFD Daily Proverb

    Proverbs 3 21 My son, do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight,    preserve sound judgment and discretion; If you enjoyed this BFD daily proverb please consider sharing it with your friends.

    The BFD Video: WWII Survivor Warns of Socialism & Gun Control

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