Friday, August 7, 2020
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    They’re Coming for the Scientists

    Early this year, B.C. (Before Covid), I was talking to a friend in his early thirties who had recently returned to university, studying science. He remarked that he had thought that all the talk of far-left orthodoxy on campus was an exaggeration. To his dismay, he...

    NZ Govt Confirms It Won’t Test for Virus Prevalence

    Press The Government has formally confirmed that it will not use any of the current or future serology tests to assess how widespread the Covid19 disease has been in New Zealand. In answer to an Official Information Request by...

    Postcard from Canada: July 07

    Geoffrey Corfield Geoffrey Corfield has been active in Conservative politics in Canada since 1976, both federally and provincially. But he won’t always write about politics because he has more experience with writing history and humour. He lives in London, Ontario, frequents used book shops,...

    What the Latest Science Says about New Zealand’s COVID-19 Policy

    Simon ThornleyGerhard With a smattering of new cases emerging from returnees in hotels prompting both sides of the house to double down on our tight quarantine the key question is coming into focus: where does our nation go from here?

    Fast COVID-19 Vaccine Timelines Are Unrealistic and Put the Integrity of Scientists at Risk

    Byram W. Bridle University of Guelph Shayan SharifUniversity of Guelph The average times of the fastest sprinters in the 100-metre dash are in the ballpark of 10 seconds. So, what would you think if someone promised to run the race in one second?

    How Not to Get Fooled: Graphs

    Data visualisations – “graphs”, to the unitiated – have been an incredibly useful tool for cutting through the fog of bias and misunderstanding to get at the facts. One of the most famous early data visualisations was John Snow’s graph plotting every case in the infamous...

    The BFD Video: Virus Vs. White Supremacists

    If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

    The Race for Private Enterprise Space

    I grew up on science fiction stories like Robert Heinlein’s Rocketship Galileo, the story of a plucky band of tech-savvy entrepreneurs (teenagers, no less – plus one token adult, their physicist uncle) who build a pioneering moon-rocket. It’s stirring stuff, complete with Space Nazis (it was...

    An Open Letter on the “Science” of the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The “science” of the Pandemic During this pandemic, the term “science” has been used “ad nauseam”, that is, has been repeated to exhaustion: “Science, science, science”, “I’m pro-science”, “For from the science, through the science and to the science...

    Utter Nonsense in a Medical Journal

    The once-esteemed Lancet has long taken a leftward-bent trajectory and that's why, call me cynical if you like, before reading any editorial content published by the outfit I recommend a grain of salt at the ready. In the course of the last week-and-a-bit,...


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