Friday, August 14, 2020

    John Black

    I have had my work published in the Australian Spectator, the New Zealand Herald and several on-line publications. One of the only right-wing people in Education (we hold our meetings in a broom closet). I spend my nights drinking and working on the great New Zealand novel. I’m white, male and straight - so it’s all my fault. All of it.

    A Defence of Jacinda Ardern, Political Assassin

    [...] For some, their hatred of our 40th Prime Minister is all-consuming. Her daily utterances are mined for hidden perfidy, her most banal actions interpreted as Machiavellian scheming and her person seen as symbolizing all that’s wrong about ‘the other side’.

    Advance NZ: Mixed Nuts

    Cards on the table time. Oswald got off a lucky shot, THE JEWS don’t control anything much except the market for cream cheese bagels and self-deprecating comedy, the Freemasons are just a bunch of goofy-looking middle-aged dudes in aprons and sightings of the Loch Ness monster can be entirely explained by a combination of whisky and the Gaelic imagination.

    The Handy Government Guide to Racial Abuse

    Are you a bigoted a-hole in need of new material? Or an unimaginative racist having trouble thinking up your own insults? Well, luckily the New Zealand government (and the New Zealand tax payer) is here to help.

    The Point of Winston: The NZ First Campaign Launch

    [...] Then just as he was about to start his address, the sound went, closely followed by the picture, leaving me stabbing at my keyboard and cursing the Zuckerberg name. Was this a sign? A prophetic tip-off from the Gods? Is Winston and his party about to disappear from our political scene like moustaches and wide ties?

    Message for National: “Don’t Forget the Culture, Stupid”

    [...] Even someone of reality TV levels of stupid can see it’s the economy that’s going to dominate this election. I have my own handcrafted metric to gauge the economic health of the nation. Let’s call it Black’s First Law of Economic Doom. It states:

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