Friday, August 14, 2020
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    Are Racism Accusations Being Used to Silence Critics?

    Steve Elers.Manawatu Guardian Accusing someone of being 'racist' or 'race baiting' is now one of several default tactics used to silence critics when they don't have an actual argument to fall back on. Unfortunately, this nonsense is becoming far too...

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    Still Some Life in It

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    Still a Piece of Work

    In May I penned an article on the Prime Minister entitled A Piece of Work. You don’t expect a leopard to change its spots and in my view, she hasn’t. Her modus operandi leaves a lot to be desired. This is a woman who has no...

    Labour Aims to Win This Election on a Lie: Part 1

    It will be a more close-run thing than most people imagine, but Labour is likely to retain control of parliament after the election and secure a second term. It’s difficult to say they will ‘win’ given the vagaries of the nonsense MMP system,...

    By Delaying the Dissolution of Parliament Jacinda Ardern Buys Time on the Election Date – but Only a Little

    Andrew GeddisProfessor of LawUniversity of Otago Disclosure statement Andrew Geddis does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic...

    Under 65 and Healthy Individuals Must Be Able to Get on With Life

    Jeremy Harris Jeremy Harris is a businessman and investor from Auckland, New Zealand.  Dear Prime Minister, I supported the initial national lockdown and move to quarantined borders. Over the last 5 months the situation has...

    Lockdowns Are Destructive and Wrong

    [...]This government’s strategy of addressing the Chinese virus with lockdowns whenever it pops up is nothing more than a strategy for national economic suicide. It’s utterly untenable

    Why We Can’t Keep Going Into Lockdown

    This was going to be a boring little article about the government's new rules about provisional tax penalties. I was going to recommend you read it after 11.00 tonight, particularly if you are having trouble sleeping. But I am going to have to leave that for...

    Prison Ship New Zealand: Return to Lockdown

    It was said that the New Zealand public won't accept another lockdown, and here we are with Auckland back in lockdown. As night follows day, other regions will revert to curfew too. Like a case of Stockholm Syndrome, where the abused bond with...


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