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    Operation Entebbe, Told by Iddo Netanyahu

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    Arthur’s Pass No Picnic

    Annette Upon seeing this wonderful painting of the road between Canterbury and Westland it reminded me of a very interesting – and mostly unknown additional adventure concerning Arthur Dudley Dobson and his now much-beloved passage through our Southern Alps.

    Government Comes to New Zealand: Chapter Six Part Seven

    GOVERNMENT COMES TO NEW ZEALAND A British ship is wrecked on the coast of Taranaki and is attacked by the Maori. Twelve are killed or wounded, one woman and two children are captured, and a few survivors escape back to Australia. A warship...

    1847: The Colonial Bank of Issue Back in 1847, Governor George Grey’s Government got its fingers into the business of banking. Grey created something called The Colonial Bank of Issue which was a colonial version of the latest State bank we have: Kiwi Bank (est 2001.)

    Has America Run Its Course?

    Doug “Uncola” In this four-minute video below, American young people were asked questions about American history. Listen to their answers and you’ll know how our nation was lost. Even if you only have 30-seconds, start at the 3:54 mark and hear a...

    1939: New Zealand Listener

    Rick On the 30th of June 1939, the first edition of the New Zealand Listener magazine was published. A major magazine in this country for just over 80 years, it expired in April 2020. How did it become such a...

    Historical Report on Hamilton Street and City Names

    Rick Last month, June 2020, Hamilton City Council famously tore out the statue of the man their city was named after, Captain John Hamilton. They did this because they understood that the temporary flare-up of Black Lives...

    Consistency, Please!

    In the light of all the ongoing hooha from the BLM lot, and assorted bandwagon-jumpers in New Zealand, I found myself thinking about where the outraged protests, statue-defacing and clamour for renaming anything deemed offensive by the braindead mob, might extend. At the...

    It Really Was Real Socialism That Killed Venezuela

    Every time a socialist experiment collapses into ruin, repression and starvation, the invariably well-fed, bourgeois enthusiasts of socialism in the West chirp, “But that’s not real socialism!” The latest object lesson is Venezuela. Just over a decade ago, Venezuela was the latest cause...

    Portrait of Hemi Pomara as a Young Man

    Elisa deCourcyAustralian National UniversityMartyn JollyAustralian National University It is little wonder the life of Hemi Pomara has attracted the attention of writers and film makers. Kidnapped in the early 1840s, passed from person to person, displayed in London and ultimately abandoned, it is...


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