Thursday, April 9, 2020
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    Just Another Good Ol’ Boy

    When William Blake wrote that “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent,” he meant it as an admonition. But the mainstream media seem to have taken it as an instruction. When they’re not straight-up lying, they obscure the truth...

    The BFD Video: Facebook Censors Project Veritas for Legit Reporting on COVID

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    Covid-19 Makes Johnson and Trump Reject Thatcher and Reagan

    Atul SinghFair Observer In 1978-79, the United Kingdom experienced the winter of discontent. Trade unions around the country went on strike. On January 22, 1979, the UK experienced the largest strike action since the General Strike of 1926. Even gravediggers and waste collectors joined...

    The BFD Video: President Trump ‘is playing a coronavirus masterclass’

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    Lockdown – Masks

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    DOJ: Tucking Your Tackle Away Doesn’t Make You a Girl

    It seems that we’ve heard nothing else but “coronavirus” for the past couple of weeks, which is a pity, because, if you pay attention, there has been at least one rare outbreak of sanity in recent times. A government agency has finally worked...

    Hillary Clinton Must Have Missed the ‘Be Kind’ Memo

    Most on this site would be well aware of just how low the left in general can stoop, when it comes to trying to put one across the hated conservatives. It seems that, for many liberals, there is no such thing as crossing a line.

    Podcast: Leftism Reinvented

    For decades, left-leaning political parties were defined by their advocacy for the working class. But in the 1990s that started to change, as left voters were asked to adapt to a more technocratic, market-driven world and parties themselves changed, becoming more technocratic. Parties changed internally with finance-friendly...

    Commentators Going Easy on Ardern in Life or Death Crisis

    In A Newspaper, Matthew Hooton informs us that Jacinda will get us through. Chris Trotter gets poetic with his ‘the incredible lightness of being Jacinda’, appearing to have taken leave of his senses. And then Paul Little’s warm and fuzzy ‘I’m glad Jacinda’s got our...

    Shut Up, You Dumb, Hysterical Hacks

    I thought the legacy media lost their remaining shreds of sanity when Donald Trump was elected. Turns out I underestimated them. Impossible as it might seem, with the outbreak of the Chinese Virus, they’ve gone even more barking mad. Australian Prime Minister Scott...