Quite a Few Tools

In a joint announcement this morning involving the PM and James Shaw, the Princess Ardern Government of Aotearoa NZ (PAGANZ) have revealed a new energy-saving initiative.

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This Is Why You Need the BFD

If The BFD didn’t exist then our readers would only have the MSM to rely on. The following is a representative sample of the headlines and claims made by the MSM about the march.

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First Challenge for New National Party Leader

At the time of writing this week’s column, I don’t know the identity of the new Leader appointed by the Caucus of the National Party, but I DO know the most important challenge the party needs to face up to if it hopes to become the next government of New Zealand.

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The End of Jacindamania

Whether the centralisation of water supply has merit, I cannot comment. However, announcement of the “working committee” to investigate the management of this is yet another nail in the government’s coffin. Why? Because it comprises three Labour mayors and nine Maori “representatives”, Maoris as we know having special talents in this field along with everything else.

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