Sunday, July 12, 2020


    I have been regarded as a dinosaur by some so I channel my inner Velociraptor. I freelanced as a comedic scriptwriter for TV late last century but packed it in when a twenty something producer’s assistant with a BA told me I had to make my scripts, non sexist, nothing about race and no stereotyping, also nothing too savage — just gentle humour — her words. So I got serious and trousered some cash in other more lucrative endeavours.

    Let’s Get Printing $$$

    InformationSatire Finance Ministers Grant Robertson and James Shaw announced today the building of mega money-printing works which will cover a thousand hectares....

    Whole Country to Be Shovel Ready

    InformationSatire The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced today that the whole country is going to be put on a shovel ready footing. She...

    Captain Cooker Statues to Be Removed

    InformationSatire The Government announced today, that the Captain Cooker statues that "litter" Aotearoa will be removed immediately at a cost of $50...

    Labour and National Merge Parties

    InformationSatire Both party leaders have agreed that it makes sense to merge as their parties have identical policies and National wouldn't have done...

    Shocking Photo Emerges

    InformationSatire A photograph showing senior TVONE staffers dressed as black and white minstrels from a Christmas party has surfaced after initial denials...

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