Wednesday, June 3, 2020


    I've worked in media and business for many years and share my views here to generate discussion and debate. I once leaned towards National politically and actually served on an electorate committee once, but the party lost its way and is still lost in the wilderness. Nearly voted Labour once when Roger Douglas was Minister of Finance. I could never see my way clear to voting for NZ First for many reasons but I'm far from committed to one party or one set of views. Years ago I supported Bob Jones and the New Zealand Party and a quest for change and I have voted for Act more than once. Today, politically I don't have a natural home - so I have an open mind.

    TVNZ Comedy Show Canned Over Maori Name Mocking

    Here we go again, is there no end to what people are going to go out of their way to be offended about? I wonder if...

    Even The Australian Is Guilty of Fake News

    I’ve always viewed The Australian as a reliable news source with a substantial line up of award-winning journalists, many with years of experience behind them. After...

    English Only to be Spoken Here

    When I started work back more than a few years ago, none of my employers would have needed to put up a sign urging staff to...

    Jack Tame 9.5/10 – Todd Muller 1.1/10

    Having heard comments about how dreadful Jack Tame was and how terrible Todd Muller looked I thought it might be interesting so I went looking for...

    Is Todd Muller the Answer?

    I was picking that the National caucus wouldn’t have the courage to make a leadership change so close to an election. I felt it was too...

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