Monday, July 6, 2020


    WH is a pale, stale, male who does not believe all the doom and gloom climate nonsense so enjoys being a 'car fascist' (TM - J.A.G.)  and generating CO2 that the plants need to grow by driving his MGs. WH has previously voted National and ACT but they no longer match his views.

    EV Batteries UNacceptable

    Oh, dear! What are the greenie lefties going to do now? Their most beloved of organisations, the UN has (finally) highlighted the child abuses and...

    That’s the Climate Sorted, Then

    Seattle's KeyArena is getting a new name, henceforth it will be the Climate Pledge Arena "This unprecedented partnership is the first of...

    In Defence of Rates

    A recurring theme in this discussion forum is that of Local Authority rates: how high they are; how they are wasted; why they should be held...

    Putting Their Best Foot Forward

    The Yanks are inching towards a standard metric at last, throwing off the chains that linked them to the past.  It's hard yards but they will...

    Fantastic! No Need to Buy Christmas Presents

    Yawn! Here we go again ... If you enjoyed this BFD article please consider sharing it with your friends.

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    Laughter Is the Best Medicine

    This regular daily post is the place to joke about the Kung Flu and banish negative thoughts.

    The Speech That Will Win the Presidential Election

    Patriot It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion...

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