The subject evoked in the collage is the debating of political issues with friends in a public place Pablo Picasso Glass and bottle of Suze (after 18 November 1912) pasted paper, gouache and charcoal.

Could Media Speculation Sink Trump’s Booming Economy?

With the US economy booming it’s hard to imagine a recession but because other markets are not faring anywhere nearly as well, adverse speculation could impact...

‘On Yer Bike’ for Solar Power

Solar roads in France and the US trialled and failed miserably, but the Dutch in the land of the bicycle exceeded their projected solar power generation...

Guns are Safer in Public Hands Than in Police Hands

We found out the hard way that police have slippery hands when it comes to hanging onto confiscated guns, and now two Glock pistols have...

Ardern Embarrasses Us at Tuvalu

Jacinda Ardern got off on the wrong foot at Tuvalu, the theme this year is “Securing our Future in the Pacific” which, as you will have...

Should Council Declare a Climate Emergency?

The definition of climate is the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period. The definition of an emergency is...

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Steve Turley on the Hong Kong protests

This video gives a useful insight into the protests and its context in globalisation.