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    Suze is an avid reader and writer after a career in accounting starting in the farming industry and ending after 10 years in the NZ mining industry, maintaining interest in unlocking oil and mineral resource potential whilst protecting the environment. Suze expects equal treatment for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, personal values or beliefs and previously voted for one of the major political parties, usually National.

    What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About COVID Treatment & Prevention

    The government is sitting on its hands waiting for a vaccine before opening our borders but even if a marketable product is produced the vaccine will...

    Take Politics Out of COVID & What’s Left?

    According to a Swedish doctor Sebastian Rushworth, COVID kills fewer people than seasonal flu. He says COVID has disappeared from the emergency room of the large...

    The Jacinda Ardern Role Model for Working Mums

    Jacinda took on the role of PM before telling us she was about to become a first time mum. She was very confident both roles could...

    Ardern Doesn’t Need Policy to Win 2020

    Ardern’s popularity hangs off Christchurch and COVID - nothing more and nothing less. She did not end child poverty, build affordable housing, reduce hospital waiting lists,...

    No Vaccine and No Plan B

    What was Mike Hosking thinking when he asked if this government has a Plan B for getting through COVID? Surely Mike knows they don’t even have...

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