Sunday, March 29, 2020


    Suze is an avid reader and writer after a career in accounting starting in the farming industry and ending after 10 years in the NZ mining industry, maintaining interest in unlocking oil and mineral resource potential whilst protecting the environment. Suze expects equal treatment for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, personal values or beliefs and previously voted for one of the major political parties, usually National.

    Heroes, Unsung Heroes and Wallys

    If large numbers of us come down with Covid-19 at once, the sky will fall in for the doctors and nurses who will be forced to...

    PM Has the Dragon by the Tail but the Dragon Is Winning

    The PM’s address about the four-stage alert levels for Covid-19 was intended to reassure the nation, but instead of averting panic, her disappointing lack of leadership...

    $51m is Not Enough

    In 2018 the reaction from the NZ mining industry to the Pike River recovery operation was to predict a budget blowout due to the compromised structural...

    BFD Transcript: Mike Hosking with Jacinda Ardern on COVID-19 Control

    Mike: David Clark ah couldn’t tell me before how many test kits are in this country, can you? Jacinda:

    Breaking News in the Fight against COVID-19

    While the world anxiously waits for a fully tested vaccine to guard against Covid-19, scientists have been experimenting with Chloroquine to treat and prevent Covid-19.

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