Wednesday, June 3, 2020


    Suze is an avid reader and writer after a career in accounting starting in the farming industry and ending after 10 years in the NZ mining industry, maintaining interest in unlocking oil and mineral resource potential whilst protecting the environment. Suze expects equal treatment for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, personal values or beliefs and previously voted for one of the major political parties, usually National.

    BFD Transcript: Mike Hosking with Jacinda Ardern on Black Lives Matter Protesters, the Economy, Business Loans & the Monark Development

    Newstalk ZB Transcript from Tuesday 2 June. NewstalkZB Tuesday 2 June Mike: So, what happened...

    Media Deliberately Blurring Opinion and Fact

    Who hasn’t resisted the urge to throw something at the television during the news? Half-truths and omissions that support Jacinda the Wonderful and lies to demonstrate...

    Are You a Dark Chocolate, Mocha or White Turnip?

    Management at an established Auckland eatery put up signage this week insisting staff only speak English. Someone in the kitchen took umbrage, screamed racism and splashed...

    Willing Participants in a Political Illusion

    The huge support Ardern generated after the COVID-19 lockdown is puzzling. Why did polling on her leadership increase when she introduced repressive measures and legislation during...

    This Government Will Crash and Burn

    The longevity of the current government has nothing to do with the Nats’ rearranging their chairs on the Titanic or the suppression of our rights after...

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