Sunday, January 19, 2020


    The subject evoked in the collage is the debating of political issues with friends in a public place Pablo Picasso Glass and bottle of Suze (after 18 November 1912) pasted paper, gouache and charcoal.

    Helen Clark vs Donald Trump

    These two will never see eye to eye but if you expect a full-frontal attack from Helen Clark on the President of the United States for...

    Why Aren’t Police Disarming Gangs Instead of Terrorising Legitimate Gun Owners?

    Changes to NZ gun laws are being used by police to harass law-abiding gun owners while criminal gangs go about their business of terrorising the public.

    NZ Netball Soured by Politics – Again

    Noeline Taurua was made a Dame of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to netball. During her time playing for the Silver Ferns...

    The Colonel’s SECRET Recipe is No Longer a Secret

    Should you have a hankering for Kentucky Fried Chicken you can now make the Colonel’s no-longer-secret recipe from the comfort and convenience of your own home....

    Iran’s Greatest Threat is NOT Donald Trump

    Footage of Iranian’s mourning and crying in the streets gave rise to fear and accusations by media that Trump started WWIII by assassinating military leader Soleiani....

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    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    If it was Israel doing this, they'd be all over it like a cheap suit.

    The BFD View From Your Window

    Where do you think today’s photo was taken? The BFD. VFYW [email protected]