Monday, July 6, 2020


    Ex-pat from the north of England, living in NZ since the 1980s, I consider myself a Kiwi through and through, but sometimes, particularly at the moment with Brexit, I hear the call from home. I believe the only way ahead in life is through education and hard work. Political affiliations: National and ACT.

    Where Have All the Flyers Gone?

    With the 'resignation' of David Clark, the truly hopeless former health minister, Jacinda has appointed Chris Hipkins, Education and State Services Minister, into the role. While...

    Let Me Out of Here

    So we've done it. We have got COVID under control. We have no community transmission and only 18 active cases, all in quarantine, caught at the...

    300 People Vanish into Thin Air

    First we had two women who left quarantine early on compassionate grounds kissing and cuddling their way from Auckland to Wellington when they had not been...

    Should We Bring Back Overseas Students?

    Now that the world is opening up again, the government finds itself under pressure to follow suit, at least in a limited way. Kiwis are now...

    Extreme Green

    The Greens have come out with their financial and taxation policy for the election, and there are few surprises. While I sympathise with their desire to...

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