Sunday, May 31, 2020
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    Beijing’s Bully-Boys in HK Parliament

    With the world obsessed by the Xi Plague, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has faded from the headlines. But that doesn’t mean that Hong Kong’s struggle against the Beijing jackboot has gone away. In fact, under cover of a distracted world, China has been stamping...

    China Rattles the Sabres in Taiwan’s Direction

    Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once admitted that, when it comes to sovereignty, the UN is often blatantly hypocritical. The UN’s own Charter supposedly guarantees the sovereignty of its members – yet the UN, by Annan’s admission, is increasingly riding roughshod over national sovereignty.

    Revealed: Australia’s Dangerous China Dependency

    If nothing else, the Xi Plague has made painfully clear the absolute folly of depending on China. Leaving aside the moral argument of trading with a repressive, genocidal communist dictatorship, putting your economic eggs in one basket is a dangerous gamble. Especially critical...

    Is Israel Treated Fairly at the United Nations?

    IINZ News Few of the attacks on Israel are more effective than the claim that ‘even the United Nations condemns Israel’. And it does – in any given year, the UN general assembly passes...

    Looks like China Has Its Lies All Sorted to Go

    As the old saying goes, “A rule of government is never look into anything you don't have to, never start an enquiry unless you know what its findings will be”. China has fiercely resisted holding an enquiry into the origins of the Xi Plague, threatening and...

    The Letter Sent to Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization by President Trump

    Summary Page One: WHO ignored credible reports of Virus spread in Wuhan in early December.WHO knew that there was a "major health concern" in Wuhan in Late December.Taiwan authorities told WHO of human to human transmission but WHO did not alert the world.China...

    The BFD Video: China’s ‘Influence & Control’ over the Who Is a ‘Huge Worry’

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    Don’t Let COVID-19 Become Another WMD, Warns Ann Coulter

    Despite the assiduous propagandising of the Xi regime, propaganda all-too-willingly parroted by nutters in the West all-too-ready to believe anything they read – especially if it blackens America’s name – there is no doubt that SARS-CoV-2 originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

    The BFD Video: Beijing Wants to ‘Split Australia’

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    Comparisons with Sweden

    Using computer models, doomsayers predicted disaster for Sweden if it didn’t lockdown. Swedish journalist Johan Norberg reports what has actually happened. At last we’re getting a debate about Covid-19 modelling. When people finally got to look under the hood of the famous Imperial...


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