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    Tweet That Will Put the Cat Among the Pigeons

    The Green party are not going to be happy. Election year is shaping up to be a whole lot of fun dear readers. The BFD. If you enjoyed this BFD article please consider sharing it with your friends.

    Government by Enquiry

    Viv Politicians hide behind enquiries – their magic answer to all problems, especially bushfires. Announcing enquiries give the impression of decisive action, they generate fees for armies of barristers, lawyers and bureaucrats, and provide momentary excitement for the media.

    The BFD Caption Competition

    If you enjoyed this BFD Caption competition please consider sharing it with your friends. The BFD Caption competition. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

    Shane Jones Wallops ‘Eco-bible-bashing’ Climate-change Wombles

    Shane Jones has signalled to disappointed dry voters amongst National that there is a party that won't put up with eco-evangelism from Woke Wombles: Outspoken NZ First MP and Minister Shane Jones has launched a scathing attack on climate-change activists who want...

    Teaching Global Warming in Schools Provides a GREAT Opportunity.

    Robin Grieve InformationHumour/Satire Schools wanting to teach global warming have a great opportunity to integrate many aspects of education into one enjoyable topic. Children today are engaged with the topic of global warming so this provides a tremendous opportunity to...

    The BFD Video: How Dare You?

    This is really relevant given that the Ministry of Education has released a Climate change resource that will do exactly what they should not do… Blogger Michael Smith has uncovered very disturbing information about how Greta Thunberg is being used by her...

    The Only Thing Killed by Climate Change Is Good Science

    There is an ongoing crisis in science – and almost no one wants to talk about it. Certainly not the media (who probably can’t even grasp what the problem is, anyway), and certainly not the “I f-ing love science” crowd. Even scientists are reluctant to talk...

    Did the Australian Government REALLY ‘Know’ These Fires Would Happen?

    As the Australian media-elite relentlessly hammers its “climate emergency” narrative during Australia’s bushfire crisis, many citizen journalists have been digging through Australia’s available old newspapers, turning up story after story to debunk hyperbolic media claims. The Green-left have been doing some digging, too.

    1080-hating, Possum-loving, Vegan Tinkerbell Tulloch *Updated

    Behold; the speaks. 'But, what podium would give a voice?'Do you have to ask? Really? Yesterday's contribution to the 'climate debate' the people at Stuff are not having was delivered by avowed ecommunist...

    The BFD Video: Polar Bear Scare Unmasked

    In spite of claims that polar bear populations are facing pressure from loss of Arctic summer sea ice, their numbers have in fact grown. In this short video, Dr. Susan Crockford summarises the evidence that polar bears are far more resilient than has been assumed by those...