Saturday, December 7, 2019
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    Letter to the Editor: Eugenie Sage’s Closed Mind

    Dear Editor I must credit Hon W. Peters with having some concern for the environment. He has announced a fund, small in relation to the problem, but nevertheless a significant amount. Social pressure on the MPs by concerned conservationists (real people, not DoC staff) has...

    Eco-Fanatics Prefer the Poor go Blind and Die

    I read the Guardian so you don’t have to. Mostly, it’s a labour of very little love. But occasionally it manages to actually surprise me – in a good way. One such happy surprise is the following story, in which the Grauniad almost manages to admit...

    Black Thursday: Lessons from the Bonfire of History

    [...] The Big Lie this summer is that the catastrophic bushfires ravaging Queensland and New South Wales are “the worst ever” and “unprecedented”.

    *NSFW ‘Bloody Greenies’ If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

    We Matter & We Are NOT Being Listened To

    50 Shades of Green - NZEve McCallum On the 14th of November, a group of New Zealand Farmers protested in Wellington. This copy of the speech notes of Eve McCallum was taken from the 50 Shades of Green Facebook page.

    $400,000 a Year for Doing NOTHING

    Xbolt Just read this speech from a Farmer (Mr Lincoln Grant) who was at the protest this week outside Parliament. It's a bit long but interesting. The ETS scheme is a rort of magnitude 10. Shame on any Government that participates.

    Plastic Petal, Crybaby EXPOSED as Normal Teen

    Meet Marcail Parkinson, today's crybaby of the week and a normal teen, especially when it comes to wailing on about plastic. Walking down a supermarket aisle lined with plastic wrappers is enough to set off "massive anxiety" for Marcail Parkinson. The 17-year-old Auckland high...

    Grubby Greens Pile Insults on Firefighter Heroes

    The Greens really are a party of opportunistic grubs. As if they hadn’t scraped the bottom of their slimy barrel of phony sanctimony already when they fell over themselves to exploit the terrible bushfires in Queensland and NSW, the Greens had to sink...

    Bushfire Sense

    Viv Forbes Viv Forbes has science and financial qualifications and long experience in mining, farming, weather cycles, bushfires and politics in Australia. He was an active member of the Mt Walker bush fire brigade for about 25 years. He remembers the terrible Millennium drought...

    The ‘Progressive’ State’s Power Politics Just Got Funnier

    The clown show that is Australia’s most “progressive” state and its failing, ruinously expensive electricity market just keeps getting funnier. It’s like a little Venezuela, right on our doorstep. As I recently reported, Victorians are going to be very lucky to escape massive...