Sunday, March 29, 2020
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    A Bad Case of Wind in Colorado

    Dave Pine The beautiful state of Colorado is known to be a Millennial Greenie hipster’s paradise. Their environmental policies are usually a good indication of which direction the rest of the US will head. “Wind turbine blades won’t be...

    More DIRTY Secrets of Electric Cars

    What is electric cars’ dirty little secret? Is it the batteries made with minerals dug up by children in dirty, dangerous, slave-like conditions? Is it the greenhouse gas 1,400 times more potent than CO2 which is used as a coolant by Chevy, Nissan and Tesla?

    More Costs for Ratepayers from Central Government

    The government has released a Draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity. It seems to be trying to right all the wrongs out in the environment and is going to be very costly for Local Authorities (read 'Ratepayers' - you and me) to implement. As...

    Bring Back the Single Use Plastic Bag!

    How much petrol is consumed lugging around the copious, now slightly grubby, jute grocery bags that litter my car boot, travelling where I do? I yearn for the old clutter free boot days. How will we feel about hauling them through Coronavirus infested supermarkets?

    The BFD Nightcap: Permanent Drought Update

    No matter how many times they get it wrong, climate alarmists make the same mistakes over and over again.

    Pests need Predators

    Viv Viv Forbes has first-hand experience of noisy smelly flying fox colonies, mouse plagues, grasshopper swarms, livestock predation by wild dogs and foxes, and pasture predation by kangaroos, wallabies, hares and wild pigs. He is Executive Director of the Saltbush Club.

    The Looming Collision between Electric Vehicles & Green Energy

    Viv Forbes Viv Forbes has studied geology, physics, chemistry, maths, meteorology, cycles, industry economics and commodity markets. Two green-dream fantasies are heading for a massive and costly collision. Firstly they dream of generating all grid power from...

    More Erosion of Property Rights

    The Ihumatao issue has not yet been resolved, but one of the biggest concerns over this particular matter is the thorny issue of private property rights. The fact that a bunch of thugs can occupy a piece of privately owned land and make demands that the...

    Wealthy Socialist Just Can’t Figure Out How He Keeps Ending Up in First Class

    How he keeps enjoying the privileges of the elite is a complete mystery that clearly has fossilised communist Bernie Sanders worried. After all, he’s a socialist who’s lived off the taxpayer all his life, yet somehow he has ended up being a multimillionaire who owns three...

    Some Rotten Green Apples in Tasmania

    If you were to believe the green movement’s propaganda, they are the only squeaky-clean troupe of ideologically pure, selfless servants of the people in the entire Australian polity. Graft, corruption, secrecy, dirty politics…there’s none of that kind of goblin mischief going on, down in Fairy Dell.