Thursday, July 2, 2020
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    Greens Are Loving the Lockdowns

    When I wrote recently about the ABC’s “fact-checker” almost admitting that a conservative prime minister was correct, I put it down to a new kid on that day, who didn’t know the iron rule of ABC “fact checks”. It turns out that I may have been...

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    R&BAvenger Watched 'Planet of the Humans' on YouTube last night. A real eye-opener for me and my other half. Interestingly she was also inspired to watch Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean's take on the movie as well, which came up immediately afterwards.

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    Dave The latest documentary by Michael Moore is free to watch in its entirety on YouTube. Ad revenue may be his best bet of monetising his “work” these days as box office sales are a mere shadow of what they once were....


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    Green Misanthropes Celebrate Global Death

    It takes a special kind of creep to celebrate a global pandemic that’s cost the lives of some 200,000 people. But then, we already knew that greens are special kinds of creeps. And they’re not holding back in celebrating death and misery in the name of holy...

    Earth Day: 50 Years of First-World Problems

    Every now and then, I pick up a book which slaps my mindset into a new paradigm. No seed flowers on barren soil, of course, so in it’s true that in some ways I might be mentally primed to receive the message such books impart. Nonetheless,...

    It’s In The Bag

    It is very interesting to watch the 'single-use' plastic bag becoming a warrior in the war on COVID-19. Here among the sensible folk at The BFD it has always been a given that reusable shopping bags were a health hazard. Never more so than...

    The Deep Green State Long Marches On

    O’Sullivan’s Law states that “any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right-wing will become left-wing over time”. This is in part because leftists tend to only tolerate other leftists. Multiple surveys have shown that conservatives are twice as likely as 'liberals' to...

    The High Cost of Green Lawfare

    In the late 70s and early 80s, race hustlers in the United States discovered a new – and lucrative – tactic: lawfare. It was so simple: just level an accusation of racism at a corporate target and watch them rush to settle. After...

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