Sunday, January 19, 2020
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    Australia’s Wokest State Leads from Behind Again

    As I’ve written before for The BFD, Victoria is Australia’s wokest state, and, one way after another, they’re paying the price for their “progressive” virtue-signalling. From rampant African gang crime to failing energy infrastructure, Victorians are reaping the rewards of electing socialist Daniel...

    Fires Expose Green Folly

    Viv Green Folly closed forest tracks and gates, expelled foresters and timber-workers and prevented property owners from removing flammable fuel from their own land and adjacent roads, parks and forests. Those responsible for these follies should face Class Action.

    Is There Really a “Bushfire Jihad” Taking Place?

    As Australia suffers through its bushfire crisis, some have dug up some alarming Islamist propaganda from a few years ago. U.S. officials monitoring terrorist web sites have discovered a call for using forest fires as weapons against “crusader” nations, in what may explain...

    At Last Some GOOD News from the Fires: New Life Springing From the Ashes

    Back when I was a volunteer firefighter, I happened to be crewed with a local firefighting legend and veteran of the devastating Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. Naturally, he had many pearls of wisdom to dispense. For instance, when you pull up to...

    Nothing to Do With Climate Change

    Stuff that shouty people don't want you to see or hear: The BFD. And more: The BFD. And more: The BFD. But, yeah. 'Cos climate change.

    BS from All Sides in Fire Debate

    If bullshit were rain, then Australia’s bushfires would be doused in an instant by the tidal wave of effluent pouring out of legacy media and social media alike. Much of the most egregious verbal sewage is spewing from the mouthpieces of the green-left, but the right...

    Dear Professor Nerilie Abram

    Graham Williamson Professor Nerilie Abram ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes Dear Professor, I refer to your article, “Australia’s Angry Summer: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like”. No doubt like...

    Scott Morrison Flags New Fire Management Regime

    Truth might be the first casualty of war, but it doesn’t do so well in natural disasters either. The legacy media and the green-left are repeating endless lies, such as that “funding for fire-fighting has been slashed!”, despite the fact that even the Rural Fire Service...

    Australia Has Had Forest Fires for MILLIONS of Years

    Bryan About 30 years ago I was working in Australia on the Kiewa Hydro scheme in the mountains south of the Snowy River. They had a huge potential bushfire problem and devoted a large amount of resources and people to preparing to...

    The BFD Satirical Image of the Day

    The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Pixy