Olivia Pierson

I value the principles which became the hallmarks of Western democracy, made possible by the Age of Reason; religious tolerance (a wall between religion and state), a commitment to scientific inquiry, the emancipation of women and children, a free and un-coerced media, and individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These core ideas are the beating heart of our civilisation and what make it a place worth thriving in - and dying for, as so many of our recent forefathers took it upon themselves to do. Buy Olivia's book Western Values Defended

Another Eco-fascist Murder Spree

Are men such as Crusius and Tarrant anti-immigrant racists? Yes, I’m sure they are. But they have also become infected with another form of extremism that very few people want to talk about, and that is environmentalist extremism: anti-capitalist, anti-industrial, anti-consumerist and anti-corporate.

No Humour Please – We’re Kiwis

It’s not hard to imagine the outrage, the firings, the sponsorship withdrawals and the endless crawly apologies if something like this hit TV screens today. [...] Consider this slap-stick interview with David McPhail acting as Winston Peters, called “Ask the Bastard.” Comedian Jon Gadsby opens with: “Good evening and welcome to Ask the Bastard - and never has this programme had a more appropriate guest.”

The Strange Testimony of Robert Mueller the Third

As knowledge of the breadth of deceit over these happenings unfolds, it will become clear that even Watergate will pale in comparison to what has taken place in the U.S since 2015.

A Squad of Bunny-boilers

“America is for everyone,” they assert, which is a euphemism for “America is for no-one,” since without a border, without enforceable laws and without legal citizens, there would literally be no country.

The Great Unravelling of the Postwar Order

The postwar order was seen as a great success - the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union broke apart and communist China lifted their bamboo curtain high enough to engage in widespread international trade [...] So why is this 75-year-old international, liberal order ripping apart at the seams?

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