Sunday, March 29, 2020

    Olivia Pierson

    I value the principles which became the hallmarks of Western democracy, made possible by the Age of Reason; religious tolerance (a wall between religion and state), a commitment to scientific inquiry, the emancipation of women and children, a free and un-coerced media, and individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These core ideas are the beating heart of our civilisation and what make it a place worth thriving in - and dying for, as so many of our recent forefathers took it upon themselves to do. Buy Olivia's book Western Values Defended

    The Bot Shared Round the World

    Now that the Wuhan virus has hit every country in the world and made them all panic, it is becoming obvious that if we keep our countries in an economic lockdown, another Great Depression could take many more lives than the virus has the potential to do.

    Sovereign Borders Are Back – except for Erdogan’s

    [...] Erdogan has been threatening to open his borders for migrants to cross into Europe for a long time. It’s his number one blackmail card. [...] After years of threats, Erdogan has now done just that.

    Rights Based on Natural Law Part Two: According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    [...] When Peterson said, “No! I will not be compelled to speak a state-imposed language,” he felt the full brunt of Canada’s human rights laws come down upon his head. His own traditional natural rights and freedoms were irrelevant.

    Rights Based on Natural Law Part One: According to Locke

    No discussion of human rights can ever be embarked upon without at least a basic summary understanding about the thoughts of English political philosopher John Locke...

    Hannah Tamaki Is the Victim of Bullying, NOT the Bully

    [...] A controversial, alpha personality like Hannah Tamaki would’ve actually been a ratings draw-card.

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