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Most articles on the BFD come from a centre-right political viewpoint, with constant analysis and commentary on political events. The BFD also breaks its own news, is a media commentator and provides other topics of interest and entertainment to its readers.

The BFD is the fastest-growing media organisation in New Zealand. Its brand of news, opinion, analysis and entertainment is finding fertile ground with an audience that is feeling abandoned by traditional news media.

The BFD wears its opinions on its sleeve, allowing readers to be informed and entertained even though they may not even share the same position. The BFD allows comments from its readers, so any mistakes or excesses are quickly curbed.

Because of this, The BFD is also a community, with a vast network of people from all parts of the spectrum contributing and assisting in the effort.

If you are new to The BFD, we ask you to pop in once a day for a week and see if it suits you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All comments on this website are purely the opinions of the individual commenters and do not represent the views of commenters’ employers, friends, clubs they may belong to, and so on. Commenters’ views also do not represent those of the website owner, contributors, moderators or anyone else.