The BFD’s staff are not able to read every comment. Anyone who has used the comments to communicate with us may therefore not have been noticed.

If you have a complaint about the BFD content, it should not be left as a comment on an article. Instead, click on the Contact us page.

Clicking on “Make a complaint” leads you to this page.

You must, in the first instance, leave your complaint as a comment on the dedicated Complaints Page. That page will be monitored so complaints aren’t lost in the maelstrom of comments that glide by on a daily basis.

To make a complaint, please provide sufficient detail. “Headline misleading” isn’t going to be investigated. “Headline claims a death resulted, but the person didn’t die” is something we can work with. It is up to you to provide sufficient detail so we may consider your complaint. More detail means you get taken seriously. If you take it seriously, we will take it seriously.

This process is public. It means that trivial, serial and anonymous complainants will out themselves. It also means those complaints, and our responses to them, are a public record.

Please note that this is only for the actual complaint. Any attempt to debate these on the dedicated Complaints Post will be deleted. If they need debating, please use the daily General Debates with links to the complaint. Please note again: Only enter a complaint – all other comments will be deleted.

The BFD will consider your complaint, update your comment with an answer, and act on it in a timely and serious manner.

It is our objective to deal with these publicly, in the open, and to deal with each complaint with the same seriousness and gravitas with which it was laid. That is, trivial complaints will receive trivial responses, serious complaints will receive our full attention. Malicious or time-wasting complaints can expect the BFD treatment. However, this is done in public, so we remain answerable to our readers.

Go to the Dedicated Complaints Page to write the actual complaint as a comment.

Please note that complaints should be about articles published by the BFD. If the complaint is about commenter conduct or the way the website does or doesn’t work for you, then this isn’t the right place. Perhaps send us an email instead.

(Updated 11 June 2019)