Thursday, January 30, 2020

    Mountainside 88.3 FM: Robert Houison

    Our Story: Mountainside 88.3 FM is not an apologist for any individual, organisation or group. We do not set out to upset any group or individual, but if a news item needs comment we at Mountainside are known to have an attitude towards those of our society who can't stay within the law or who lie to manipulate public opinion or who make questionable requests for grants to maintain racist "Trusts." We have our critics and that is good. It makes one feel that we are at least having some input into the debate. We are certainly well aware of the political situation in New Zealand. MountainsideFM is not scared to point out the truth to the uninformed voter. Arrogant and self-opinionated are descriptions we hear describing our stance on social and political issues and that is OK. Those who use those terms of endearment are usually the ones who cannot accept the truth.

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