Sunday, January 19, 2020


    ExPFC, ex lots of things. Husband to a great woman. Father to great kids. Traveller, teller of tall tales, wannabe capitalist property magnate. I'm a passionate user of fossil fuels, a proud Kiwi, Ford over Holden, Indy over F1, V8's over everything else.

    Careful Now, Auckland Transport Knows What You Just Searched For!

    Every now and again one must come to the realisation that you simply have too much stuff. And so it happened to me last week when...

    Are People Really This Thick?

    We all know there are some very unintelligent people roaming this earth. I mean we have a Labour-led coalition for goodness sake so that's proof positive...

    So Anyway, What Are You Lot Up To?

    As you may have noticed, The BFD staff are taking a bit of time out from their hectic schedules and only a skeleton staff are looking...

    Trannies’ Rights Trampled: the Fightback Is Starting

    Most excellent news last week out of Australia: the fightback against dodgy pretend females taking over women's sport seems to be starting. You...

    Stuff’s Faux Offence, Trying to Create the Narrative Again.

    Stuff have been busy trying to whip up extremist hysteria again. Nothing quite like creating your own stories so you can have something to write about!

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    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    If it was Israel doing this, they'd be all over it like a cheap suit.