Monday, October 21, 2019
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    ExPFC, ex lots of things. Husband to a great woman. Father to great kids. Traveller, teller of tall tales, wannabe capitalist property magnate. I'm a passionate user of fossil fuels, a proud Kiwi, Ford over Holden, Indy over F1, V8's over everything else.

    Sorry Love But That’s an ‘F’ for This Homework

    Ok, if anyone can let me know quite how we got to this in our society, please let me know. Apparently, the internet is blowing up...

    Russian Man-Lover Sues Apple for Turning Him Gay!

    Important news just in this week. Apple iPhones can turn you gay! Apparently. Well, at least that is the argument from Mr D. Razumilov, who is...

    Is Portland the USA’s Biggest Dunghole?

    A little while back, President Trump got the leftards free-trade organic cotton knickers in a twist by suggesting that there were a few countries outside the...

    The Gravel’s Set to Fly Again

    Rallying in New Zealand has been missing its pinnacle event since 2012, but gravel chuckers everywhere are rejoicing in the news this week that there will...

    Cops Hand Out Sausages Instead of Tickets

    New Plymouth traffic offenders must be loving the fact that the Taranaki town's boys in blue have gone a bit soft. Not only are they being...

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    Proverbs 21 30 There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan    that can succeed against the Lord.

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    The Science: Male Brain vs Female Brain

    It's politically correct to say men and women are mentally the same, but Stossel lays out science that says otherwise