Friday, November 15, 2019

    Stephen Berry

    Stephen Berry has been an Act candidate three times since 2014, currently 5th on the party list and an elected board member since 2018. Berry is Act’s spokesman on Health, Small Business and Employment. A libertarian pragmatist, self-taught economist and Senior Manager in an Auckland supermarket. In 2013 he was the third-placed candidate for Mayor of Auckland, publishing the popular Absolutely Biased Guide to Voting in Auckland’s Election in 2019.

    The BEST Opportunity We Have for Helping 500,000 New Zealanders to Quit Smoking.

    [...] With aggravated robbery levels up, daily smoking rates stagnant and, in the case of our poorest New Zealanders, tax levels having little relevance to consumption, Smokefree 2025 was at risk of being added to the large pile of political dreams turned nightmares.

    Triggering Workplace Mobocracy

    [...] This is just a peek at what Labour’s plans to suffocate innovation, decimate dreams and mandate misery are. This week’s article only covered the beginning of the decay, next week I’ll detail who leaps, how far and what direction

    Every Problem Doesn’t & Can’t Have the Same Solution

    [...] The solution to the difficulties of millions of different individuals, resulting from infinite situations and choices made, creating a further infinite variation of consequences, will never be fixed by ‘the government must do something.’

    What Isn’t Being Mentioned by the Government, Unions or Media

    [...] New Zealand is on the verge of employment policy dominating the news cycles again. The Council of Trade Unions is becoming impatient over the lack of momentum in this area and began flexing its muscles at the October 15th conference.

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