Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    Stephen Berry

    Stephen Berry has been an Act candidate three times since 2014, currently 5th on the party list and an elected board member since 2018. Berry is Act’s spokesman on Health, Small Business and Employment. A libertarian pragmatist, self-taught economist and Senior Manager in an Auckland supermarket. In 2013 he was the third-placed candidate for Mayor of Auckland, publishing the popular Absolutely Biased Guide to Voting in Auckland’s Election in 2019.

    What Does Underfunded Even Mean?

    [...]“Underfunded!” is the single most overused criticism by patients, excuse by the DHBs or attack by politicians. Whoever utters it, for whatever reason, is wrong because nobody can objectively measure or define what ‘under-funded’ means. In order to do that, they must present what fully funded is and nobody ever has.

    What Will They Teach Us Next?

    [...] Once you remove the emotive investment most of us have in education, an objective observer may refer to it as a product, much like a can of baked beans. [...] Either way, cans of baked beans don’t have a Ministry of 2900 bureaucrats earning $480 million each year determining what can and cannot be in a can of baked beans.

    Wee Winnie’s Smoke Signal

    [...] The best feature of this Government is its sheer incompetence. That is the single attribute that has stopped Labour sinking this country because its people are too disorganised to do it. That is why they are yet to ruin the free-market’s most effective tool for quitting smoking we have ever seen.

    April Fools for Christmas

    [...] The number of people receiving some form of the Jobseeker or Increased Support benefit has skyrocketed under this Government’s watch. It is possible to receive these benefits up to a low threshold of employment income. Those on the Jobseeker benefit increased 10.1% from September 2018 to September 2019.

    Nigel Latta’s Twittery Twattery

    [...] I think Bridges has been remarkably charitable by replying to Latta. Now Nigel can reassure himself that he matters. The return tweet, like Nigel’s, is run of the mill, fluff and polyester teddy filling written by an unpaid intern dreaming of the time they’ll be thrown under the emotional bus by the next politician who speaks faster than they think.

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