Monday, July 6, 2020

    Stephen Berry

    Stephen Berry has been an Act candidate three times since 2014 and an elected board member since 2018. A libertarian pragmatist, self-taught economist and Senior Manager in an Auckland supermarket. In 2013 he was the third-placed candidate for Mayor of Auckland, publishing the popular Absolutely Biased Guide to Voting in Auckland’s Election in 2019.

    The Tennis Ball Party

    [...] The ability to feed them if you breed them is of no interest to the Greens. Instead, taking the planning out of family planning comes with a new financial reward. Sole parents will have a $110 top-up to their GMI bringing it to $435 a week.

    The Biggest Fail

    Each subsequent failure by the coalition government leaves me scrambling my vocabulary for a word so pathetic, so pitiful, so derisory to adequately describe the fathomless depths being reached with each continuous flop. It feels like digging a hole so deep, you’ve reached the core of the earth and further progress becomes upward.

    Ugh…I Offended Myself

    [...] The US postmodernist neo-Marxist humanities have long been developing ‘post-dogs breakfast for brains’ students for close to a decade now. They don’t think. They don’t reason. They build new, smaller, splinters of identity groups faster than their student debt produces interest.

    Reversing Welfare – Tax Cuts to Help Yourself

    [...] Labour has an insurance policy should Jacinda Ardern’s kindness and fairy dust not survive until September 19. The extended wage subsidy scheme expires on September 1, minimising quarterly reported unemployment figures before polling day.

    A Narcoleptic House of Cards

    [...] The final week of May without kindness, stardust, virus and fear marked the end of New Zealanders’ tolerance. Winston Peters using the phrase ‘team of five million’ is like a conversation with the postman about bitcoin. Lockdown is over because we say it is over.

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