Friday, April 3, 2020

    Stephen Berry

    Stephen Berry has been an Act candidate three times since 2014, currently 5th on the party list and an elected board member since 2018. Berry is Act’s spokesman on Health, Small Business and Employment. A libertarian pragmatist, self-taught economist and Senior Manager in an Auckland supermarket. In 2013 he was the third-placed candidate for Mayor of Auckland, publishing the popular Absolutely Biased Guide to Voting in Auckland’s Election in 2019.

    Will the Virus Achieve What the Left Could Not?

    [...] The relatively benign political environment in New Zealand is enough to stop most New Zealanders from worrying about their liberty - which is precisely the reason I’m alert to the threat this Government has become.

    Politics, without Playing Politics

    [...] It is an odd feeling having confidence that your Government can be relied upon to tell the truth, giving me a weird insight into why people from across the spectrum are not just backing the Prime Minister in her effort to manage the Coronavirus pandemic but enthusiastically demanding greater restrictions on their freedom be implemented as soon as possible.

    It Just Got Serious

    [...] There is no rational economic argument for paying those who don’t work, in an economy with less than 5% unemployment, more money to not work.

    A Shiver Looking for a Spine to Run Up

    [...] I’ve quoted former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating who referred to then Opposition Leader John Howard as “a shiver looking for a spine to run up” as a fitting description for the current National party. National has been more effective at hurting National than any of the three governing parties since 2017.

    WHO Is Ruining NZ Education?

    [...] The surveying of 15-year-olds as part of this testing also found that increasing numbers of children are reporting that their classroom environments are not good places for learning. NZ has some of the worst scores for classroom behaviour in the OECD with 41% of students reporting noise and disorder in the classroom

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