Sunday, March 29, 2020
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    What The Dickens! A Black David Copperfield?

    [...] To cast an actor of Indian ethnicity in this role is an act of extraordinary cultural disrespect. In spite of acknowledging that Dickens’ novel is set in the 1840s, Iannucci seems utterly oblivious to the consequences of him inflicting the “colour blindness” of the 2020s on Dickens’ art.

    It Just Got Serious

    [...] There is no rational economic argument for paying those who don’t work, in an economy with less than 5% unemployment, more money to not work.

    Corona Australis: What’s Going Down Under

    [...] Panic buying started last week with the inexplicable bogocalypse. Since then, it has spread to rice, pasta, flour, tinned and frozen food… even seedlings. As if these idiots imagine that they’ll be reaping their harvest in just a few weeks. Country towns are seeing city-based hoarders hire buses in order to literally raid small-town supermarkets. Home delivery has also been overwhelmed.

    Sovereign Borders Are Back – except for Erdogan’s

    [...] Erdogan has been threatening to open his borders for migrants to cross into Europe for a long time. It’s his number one blackmail card. [...] After years of threats, Erdogan has now done just that.

    The Bogocalypse Brought to You by the Media

    [...] At this point, journalist Angela Buttolph, who had already boasted about stockpiling, including 150 cans of food, rolled her eyes and smirked “Looking after your family is the best kind of selfishness”.

    Standing Upright Here

    [...] The very real historical achievements of New Zealand’s progressive past could be recast as shameful exercises in conferring colonial privilege upon genocidal settlers. The only past worth celebrating was New Zealand’s indigenous past. The only culture unsullied by the bloody crimes of colonisation was Maori culture.

    A Shiver Looking for a Spine to Run Up

    [...] I’ve quoted former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating who referred to then Opposition Leader John Howard as “a shiver looking for a spine to run up” as a fitting description for the current National party. National has been more effective at hurting National than any of the three governing parties since 2017.

    Rights Based on Natural Law Part Two: According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    [...] When Peterson said, “No! I will not be compelled to speak a state-imposed language,” he felt the full brunt of Canada’s human rights laws come down upon his head. His own traditional natural rights and freedoms were irrelevant.

    Time to Stop Laughing at ‘Sleepy Joe’

    [...] The choice facing Democrat voters this election is between completely surrendering to the lunar left as exemplified by Sanders, Warren and the “Squad” types, or playing it safe and sticking with an establishment Swamp Monster.

    Is Simon Bridges the Andrew Little of National?

    [...] Which brings us to an interesting comparison between Simon Bridges and Andrew Little, but for good measure let's also look at Bridges' numbers compared to David Shearer and David Cunliffe as well.