Friday, May 29, 2020
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    Jacinda Ardern: From PM to Tyrant

    [...] This bill handed the police ludicrously panoptic powers for the first time ever seen in this country. Police can now enter a private home without a warrant. This is no longer a First World standard of justice - it’s Banana republic territory.

    Lushington D. Brady Interviews Drew Pavlou

    The University of Queensland is doing Beijing’s dirty work for them: harassing and persecuting a student who dared speak up about the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on campus. His name is Drew Pavlou and this week Insight Politics writer Lushington D. Brady had the pleasure of interviewing him.

    Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 6

    Last week I said that New Zealand was a quasi-Police state. Sadly, this week it has become one. We have seen the passage of an egregious and shabby piece of legislation that has allowed warrantless searches and unprecedented spying and control of us all. In this episode I explain how we slipped from a vibrant democracy to a petty dictatorship, with a failed economy. It all started with a clever manipulation, then an illegal lockdown, the development of a snitch culture, and an empowered police force and we all prostrated ourselves before the Prime Minister and thanked her for saving us all ever so much.

    20 Billion Good Reasons Why Paula Bennett Should Be Worried

    [...] This is the election narrative which Bennett should fear the most. The story of a brave and compassionate young woman doing all she can to lead her people through the Valley of the Shadow of COVID Death and out the other side, while behind every rock, every tree, lurk the evil agents of the people’s enemies, doing everything within their power to prevent her success – and the “team of 5 million’s” escape.

    Instead of Fifty Billion Borrowed Handouts

    [...] It is unbelievably expensive to shut down most of the country for eight weeks and it still couldn’t prevent every viral casualty, business bankruptcy or the cruel mental health toll. Act has also had to adapt, proposing an economic recovery plan that isn’t Labour’s ‘Think Big Social Credit Monster’ or National’s ‘Think Big Social Credit Lipstick.’

    Obama’s Legacy is Obamagate

    [...] This truly is one for the history books. American political scandals do not get any more bloody serious than Obamagate. When people claim that Watergate pales in comparison to the corruption which has unfolded here, they are not indulging in hyperbole.

    This Is Far From the Deadliest Plague in Living Memory

    [...] Yet, even as tens of thousands of Americans were dying, life went on with what passed for normality in the late 60s. Not only was the country not locked down but even rudimentary social distancing was ignored. In fact, one of the largest and best-remembered mass gatherings in US history occurred.

    The Right’s Full-Court Press

    [...] It’s been an impressive display of right-wing strength. Taking the lead has been the Right’s powerful contingent of media assets. From the BFD’s own Cam Slater to Newstalk-ZB’s Mike Hosking and The NZ Herald’s star columnist, Matthew Hooton. Between them, these opinion-formers of the Right have waged an increasingly destructive campaign against the Prime Minister’s near saintly status.

    Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 5

    It has been an exciting week this week after we published a Police email that suggested that enforcement of the lockdown would have been illegal. It caught the government on the back foot. So much so that they orchestrated a massive data dump to try and cover up their illegal lock down. Sadly for them we also published the previously secret Crown Law advice that Deputy Commissioner Mike Clements used to email all his district commanders on how they could, or as the case may be, couldn’t enforce the lock down. But has all this be necessary?

    The Sleep Walk to Level Snooze

    [...] As new COVID-19 infections dribble out to zero, the decision-making process matches the pace of viral spread. Financial security for hundreds of thousands of New Zealand families, business and workers is in tatters. Jacinda Arden cannot justify the agony that each additional day of Lockdown inflicts. They are no longer the casualties of a global virus. They are the collateral damage of this Government.


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