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No Humour Please – We’re Kiwis

It’s not hard to imagine the outrage, the firings, the sponsorship withdrawals and the endless crawly apologies if something like this hit TV screens today. [...] Consider this slap-stick interview with David McPhail acting as Winston Peters, called “Ask the Bastard.” Comedian Jon Gadsby opens with: “Good evening and welcome to Ask the Bastard - and never has this programme had a more appropriate guest.”

Rainbows & Swastikas in the Classroom

“Safe Schools” creator, academic Roz Ward, a committed Marxist and LGBTQI activist with no educational background, openly admits that it’s designed to promulgate her ideology, boasting, “I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist”.

Bad Code

The socialist paradise they’d dreamed of ushering-in stood exposed for the nightmare it had always been. The Left’s “grand narrative”: of a revolutionary socialism advancing inexorably towards a globalised and stateless communism; was a busted flush. What was to be done?

The Strange Testimony of Robert Mueller the Third

As knowledge of the breadth of deceit over these happenings unfolds, it will become clear that even Watergate will pale in comparison to what has taken place in the U.S since 2015.

Social Media Are Dangerous for Freedom

Mao once boasted that power comes from the barrel of a gun. The power of the new dictators comes from the network, the CCTV and algorithm. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, not to mention Xi Xinping, wield the kind of all-encompassing power that Mao could only dream of.

Cassini: How Environmentalists Tried to Stop Progress

When Cassini was launched in 1997, a galaxy of the usual stars of the environmental and anti-nuclear lobbies lined up to protest. Green-left bible Mother Jones claimed that the probe “could wipe out mankind”.

It’s Winston ‘The Tool Man’ Peters

Peters is assumed to have forfeited 90 percent of his conservative support. In response to this strategic error, all National believes it has to do is position itself as the only “genuine” conservative party, swallow-up NZ First’s right-wing support, and emerge sufficiently enlarged to govern alone.

A Squad of Bunny-boilers

“America is for everyone,” they assert, which is a euphemism for “America is for no-one,” since without a border, without enforceable laws and without legal citizens, there would literally be no country.

Racism: You Couldn’t Make it up

When Australians deviously refuse to be the foaming racists that the left insist they are, the left just invent a new type of racism: “unconscious racism”.

A Narrow Escape

Instead of the extraordinary displays of love and forgiveness, the nation’s television screens would have been filled with the faces of angry young Muslim men and women.