Monday, October 21, 2019
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    There Are Two Sides To Every History

    [...] Oh, I know, Dame Anne Salmond and her ilk will accuse me of being “unhelpful”. They will insist that the atrocity committed at Akaroa was simply a reflection of Maori cultural practice at the time. Tamaiharanui had killed a Ngati Toa chieftain: somebody had to die.

    PM Ardern – An Unpatriotic Globalist

    [...] what struck me most was the stark absence of any kind of patriotic sentiment in Ardern’s leadership voice. She carefully laid out the case that it is nationalism, which she tried to pass off as tribalism, that stands in the way of her global crusades. This is not a patriotic woman.

    Why You Should Talk to People You Disagree With

    [...] Other people's words have no power over you other than that which you give them, I replied. Don't like what someone says? Then ignore them and move on. “You are not hearing me,” Marley complained.

    Is It Sundown For the English-Speaking Peoples?

    [...] Ever since Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth destroyed the naval power of England’s principal commercial rivals, the Dutch, in the early-1650s, the English-speaking peoples have maintained a more-or-less unbroken upward trajectory towards world domination.

    Greta, Iran & Impeachment (Again) – An Outstanding Week of Leftist Autism

    [...] The UN General Assembly always brings world issues to the forefront for a time, but this week was unusually striking for the level of outright insanity on display.

    Welcome to the Nellie: Science & Superstition in the Modern Age

    [...] We live our lives surrounded by gadgets of almost unimaginable technological achievement, yet we understand almost nothing of the fundamental nature of our toys, nor of the science that made them possible. How many of you reading this can honestly say that you have more than the faintest idea of how, say, an iPod works? A GPS navigator? The internet?

    Ihumatao: No Right Answers – Only Difficult Choices.

    [...] Bridges’ and National’s stance on Ihumatao enjoys considerable (quite possibly majority) support across the wider New Zealand community. For many years, the opponents of Maori nationalism have warned their fellow Pakeha that “full and final” would never be permitted to mean “full” or “final”.

    Dear Prime Minister, About God-Emperor Trump

    [...] In God-Emp’s great country, the cradle of the best and the worst, the right to own a gun is sacred This means that ordinary citizens are trusted to protect themselves against bad people and bad governments. Had just one other person been armed in one of the NZ mosques that Brenton Tarrant violated, many lives may have been saved.

    First the Censors Came for the Metalheads

    [...] “The fans did not recognize what was happening,” Snider says. “They’re like, ‘Oh, it’s just a sticker’…That was the moron’s take on it. It was frustrating that people, the fans, were so apathetic and not smart enough to understand the significance of what was happening.”

    Whose History Will Our Children Be Taught?

    [...] Encouraging the Pakeha to shake off their indifference to New Zealand history is probably the unwisest thing Maori have done since shaking Captain Hobson’s hand.