Friday, August 14, 2020
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    The race for Napier 2020

    The 2020 Napier candidates. The 2017 election results. The 2020 boundaries and an analysis of who is most likely to win the seat.

    She’s a Pretty Conservative Labour Leader

    In 1920, US Presidential nominee, Warren G. Harding, promised the American people "not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration". In 2020, Jacinda Ardern looks set to echo Harding's unabashedly conservative formula. YOUNG LIAM HEHIR is carving out quite...

    Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 18

    Questions the Media are failing to ask and a look at the yawning gap between Labour's slogans and delivery. Cam examines Labour's policy free campaign, Ardern's bizarre reference to the Netflix show "Stranger Things," Victoria's police state and lots more.

    Who Gets in on National’s List?

    National has announced its 2020 party list. A key focus is who will get in at different vote levels. To answer this we need to make some assumptions. They are: National retains 40 electorate seats (currently has 41)There is 5% wasted vote

    Lockdowns Don’t Work – Ask Belgium

    [...] lockdowns do not appear to be the defining factor in smashing COVID; they are a defining factor in smashing economies.

    Across the Ditch this Week: Podcast

    G’day listeners, it’s Lushington Brady here, with your very first weekly Aussie politics round-up. Let’s call it “Across the Ditch this Week” – for now, anyway. The name might stick, the podcast should hopefully be weekly. We’ll see how we go!

    The Polls and a Prediction

    [...] Up until my retirement from being a politician in early July I resisted making any predictions about election results simply because my objectivity was compromised by my job description...

    The Race for Tukituki 2020

    2017 Results  Majority: National 2,813 (63/71) or 7%Nat Party Vote: 49% (26/71)Lab Party Vote: 34% (41/71)Nat Candidate Vote: 48% (31/64)Lab Candidate Vote: 41% (32/71)NZF Candidate Vote: 19%Nat Candidate Vote/PV: 98%Lab Candidate Vote/PV: 119%  2020 Candidates Electorate MP Lawrence...

    Advance NZ: Mixed Nuts

    Cards on the table time. Oswald got off a lucky shot, THE JEWS don’t control anything much except the market for cream cheese bagels and self-deprecating comedy, the Freemasons are just a bunch of goofy-looking middle-aged dudes in aprons and sightings of the Loch Ness monster can be entirely explained by a combination of whisky and the Gaelic imagination.

    How Not to Be Fooled: You Can Quote Me on That

    [...] Most often, today, when a journalist paraphrases a subject, their intent is invariably malign. In the Trump era, mendacious journalists cut up, truncate and paraphrase so that they can lie through their teeth with quotes.


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