Thursday, May 28, 2020
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    Oral Questions – 28 May 2020

    Questions to Ministers Hon NIKKI KAYE to the Prime Minister: Does she agree with the Rt Hon Winston Peters that New Zealand has been in lockdown for “far too long” and needs to be at level 1 now with a trans-Tasman bubble already operating, as reported by the NZ Herald; if so, what steps will…

    Folded like a Cheap Suit …

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    Dear Todd

    Wibble "I am genuinely interested in people’s views, even if different from mine, and why they hold those views"National Leader Todd Muller Dear Todd, I am glad that you are interested in hearing alternative...

    Ardern’s Secret Welcome Mat for the Rich

    Clearly some pigs are more equal than others in Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand. Ordinary New Zealanders were forced to endure weeks of Level 4 lockdown, including being barred from the bedsides of dying family members. But well-heeled foreigners were secretly allowed to slip in through New...

    Jack Tame 9.5/10 – Todd Muller 1.1/10

    Having heard comments about how dreadful Jack Tame was and how terrible Todd Muller looked I thought it might be interesting so I went looking for it. The first thing that struck me was how uncomfortable Muller looked and how totally distracting his...

    Ardern: The Economic Death Star

    George Lucas is not exactly renowned as the greatest writer of dialogue in modern cinema, but his Revenge of the Sith contains at least one sharply observant line: So this is how liberty dies – with thunderous applause. It is referring, of course, to the rapturous...

    Winston Peters Talks Sense

    Sir Bob Winston Peters is 100% right. End this unbelievably foolish lockdown right now. Overnight the WHO expressed alarm at the historically unprecedented incidents of family violence, a euphemism for angry home imprisoned men beating up their wives and children....

    Satirical Image of the Day

    The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Luke

    Give the Man a Chance, They Say

    I've had a few calls the past couple of days, and a few comments, about my stance on Todd Muller. They run along the lines that I should give the guy a chance to settle down and find his feet.

    Face of the Day

    Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has broken rank with Labour over coronavirus restrictions, saying the country should be at level 1 now. Peters also said that the trans-Tasman bubble, allowing quarantine-free travel, should also already be operational. Peters told Newstalk ZB...


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