Monday, October 21, 2019
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    New Conservative and Media Suppression

    New and smaller parties have to fight hard to raise their profiles with the public. The mainstream media are the gatekeepers, and as we have seen during the local body elections, media can and do choose to only cover the two or three candidates that they...

    A Dompost Fairy-tale

    Yesterday Alison Collins, Chief Science Advisor at the Ministry for the Environment, penned a doom-spruiking op-ed for the Dompost. Our 'Chief Science Advisor' begins her piece, which is headlined "Oceans are like the planet's heart, and they're ailing", with a fairy-tale (no, I'm...

    Reading Between the Lines Because National’s Caucus Can’t

    WarningYou won't want to take this medicineI recommend taking a spoonful of sugar...( a tablespoon). Newsroom ran an interesting piece yesterday, ahead of NZ First's conference, about the succession planning for NZ First. Contained within the article was an interesting...

    Why Goff Got Another Go

    Goff is a spendthrift of ratepayer money paying a surfeit of council employees over >$100k and ignoring excessive spending by council-controlled organisations. It was only when the whistle was blown that he showed any interest in curtailing them. Auckland Transport gaily...

    Satirical Image of the Day

    Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

    Simon Says Cave

    WarningHarsh truths ahead.Time to put on your rose-tinted glasses, plug your ears and sing la,la,la,la Simon Bridges, after a week of talking tough, folded faster than a deck chair sat on by a fat lass. Trevor Mallard has out-foxed the...

    Face of the Day

    Today's Face of the day Vision NZ leader Hannah Tamaki was fooled by a photoshop. Vision NZ leader Hannah Tamaki has posted a fake image on her Twitter account showing NZ First MP Shane Jones proudly showing off a picture of a Muslim...

    About that ‘Climate Emergency’

    Living in the Western Bay of Plenty we received the 150-word election blurbs in the local media for both Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council. Now that the results are out it seemed a useful time to review...

    Satirical Image of the Day

    Pants on fire: Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

    BFD Transcript: Kerre McIvor on Ron Mark using Ministerial Power for Good regarding Whenuapai Air Base Noise Restrictions

    I have always thought that Ron Mark was as sound as a pound – the Defence Minister has common sense and he’s not an entitled git. A rarity, not just in politics but also in the modern age – more on entitled gits coming up later in the show!