Monday, July 6, 2020
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    Ardern Should Take Note of Red Dan’s Fall From Grace

    In what could be an ominous portent for Jacinda Ardern, Victorian premier Daniel Andrews is copping a shellacking for his bungled handling of COVID-19. Australia’s wokest state has previously stood firmly behind its Dear Leader, even in the face of mounting political scandals – but COVID-19...

    What’s a Few Dead Wallabies?

    As psychologist Hal Herzog writes, in his Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat, humans are practically incapable of thinking consistently rationally about animals. Animal activists are well aware of this basic irrationality and exploit it to the hilt. The campaigns of animal activists...

    How Long before the National Party Here Are Raided for Their China Links?

    A NSW Labor MP has been suspended from his party after raids of his house as part of an ASIO investigation into possible Chinese Communist Party influence. NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane has been suspended from the party after his properties were raided...

    LIVE: Trad Tasman Talk Ep.35 – Send In The Troops

    Dieuwe de Boer and Tim Wilms discuss the latest news and developments happening in the Tasman. COVID has returned, the army is managing the borders, and politicians continue to stuff up.

    Victoria’s COVID Spike Is No Second Wave

    Don’t be fooled by the hysterical fear-mongering from the media and governments. The spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria is a concern, but it's nowhere near the feared “second wave” we keep getting threatened with. The panic-mongering from Daniel Andrews is particularly hypocritical.

    Weak Uni Reform Risks Unintended Consequences

    The earthquake that’s shaken Australia’s university sector in the wake of the Xi Plague is a prime opportunity to deliver much-needed reform to the sector. But the Morrison government is fluffing it. Australian universities are on their knees, suddenly deprived of rivers of...

    Branch-Stacking Is in Labor’s DNA

    Daniel Andrews really does seem to be determined to supplant Tommy Bent as Victoria’s most corrupt premier. The Red Shirts, the firefighters’ union deal, signing up to China’s BRI, and now, yet another branch-stacking scandal. Branch-stacking is, to be sure, an old political...

    Another Labor COVID Stuff Up

    COVID-19 infections are on the rise again in parts of Australia, especially Victoria. But while this is still very far from the much-touted “second wave”, it is risking yet another government panicking and rushing to impose lockdowns again. It’s also exposing the incompetence and double-standards at...

    New COVID Cases Follow BLM Demonstrations

    Observing the indulgence shown towards massive BLM protests by previously lockdown-absolutist Democrat governors and mayors, actor and Twitter gadfly James Woods remarked that we could expect an imminent outbreak of sick leftists or we would realise once and for all that lockdowns were a con. Win-win,...

    Conservatives Can’t Afford Not to Fight Back Any More

    There’s nothing the left hate so much as a strong, conservative woman who isn’t afraid to call out their bullshit. It’s why they pour so much hate and vitriol on the likes of Anne Coulter, Lauren Southern, Peta Credlin and Kayleigh McEnany. The...


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