Sunday, January 19, 2020
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    The BFD Video: Criminalising Opinions is Tyranny

    The continental preference for policed thoughts is antithetical to the common law view of policed actions. If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

    The Church & State Summit 2020 is going to make a HUGE Impact

    The Church And State Summit 2020 is going to make a huge impact on the nations of New Zealand & Australia for the Kingdom of God, announcing and making way for His justice & Truth. This is for you! The Church And State Summit...

    J.K. Rowling & the Transphobic Tweet

    J.K. Rowling tries to draw a line in the sand around sex based rights. Twitter mob comes gunning for her. But are their tactics—which have worked to silence smaller voices—going to backfire? This video is on Thinkspot. If you...

    Free Speech is NOT Free

    Dr David CuminSpokespersonFree Speech Coalition With the Prime Minister confirming that hate speech legislation will be put forward to Parliament before next year's election, it is easy to feel pessimistic about the fight for free speech rights. But there are glimmers...

    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    The below image was sent to The BFD me anonymously. What do you think dear readers? Is it an effective bit of satire or not? Anonymous photoshopped image. Cartoon credit Sharon Murdoch

    The Dark Age of Political Intrusion: Part Two

          Dr Muriel Continued from Part One which was published 10 am this morning. This situation where propaganda now masquerades as news, and free speech is being suppressed is contributing to a...

    The Dark Age of Political Intrusion: Part One

          Dr Muriel The medieval Dark Ages refers to the thousand year period in history between the fall of the Roman Empire around 500 AD and the beginning of the Renaissance in 1500 AD. It was a time of...

    Folau Case Resolved – at Least in Part

    Australian Family Coalition The long-running Israel Folau case was resolved this week (at least in part). After increasing his claim against his former employers to $14 million, mediation sessions finally saw an out-of-court settlement reached. The details remain confidential.

    A ‘Sensible, Reasonable Person’ Would Be Offended

    David Seymour has hit back during an interview on NewstalkZB in response to the cartoon of him drawn by Sharon Murdoch referring to her as a "low rent cartoonist." The fact that the media and those on the left of politics have only chosen to be...