Sunday, March 29, 2020
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    Church and State Summit, Part 2: The Problem of Hate Speech

    You can read the first part of my review of the 2020 Church & State Summit in Auckland here. The conference is aimed at equipping and encouraging Christians and churches to be more involved in culture and politics. The final speech prior to the...

    Late Night Police Visits, Raids on Conservatives, Increasing

    Press Release: New Conservative According to an article released this week, late Saturday night on the eve of the commemoration of the Christchurch massacre, a firearms licence holder was visited and interrogated by armed police at his home, and segregated from his family...

    The Government’s Hand Brake Needs to Be Used on Andrew Little’s Hate Speech Laws

    Andrew Little, hand in hand with the Human Rights Commission, has been secretly working on formulating draconian hate speech laws. Proposed hate speech laws for New Zealand are imminent. Justice Minister Andrew Little told Stuff the Government is bringing forward changes around hate...

    A Modest Free Speech Victory

    Dane GiraudSpokespersonFree Speech Coalition Last week we had a refreshing turn of events; a modest free speech victory to celebrate. Late Tuesday night, MPs voted on a Supplementary Order Paper to the Abortion Reform Bill. The crucial issue being voted on was...

    The BFD Video: This Movie Offends You? Good.

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    The Censorship Culture on Campus

    Andrew Breitbart coined the maxim that “politics is downstream from culture”. If you want to see the future of left-wing politics, you only need look at the culture on university campuses. It doesn’t look good. How much longer can univer­sity...

    BFD Weekender: Christchurch’s Legacy of Fighting Violent Extremism Online Must Go Further – Deep into the Dark Web

    Joe BurtonUniversity of Waikato It didn’t take long for a terrorist to show how hard it is to prevent violent extremist content being shared online. Within six months of the attacks at two Christchurch mosques...

    The Virtue of Defending Your Opposite

    Tribalism runs deep in politics. No matter how 'fair-minded' we like to tell ourselves we are, it’s hard to resist the temptation to see 'us' through the prism of goodness and 'them' as the incarnation of wrong. Mostly, this involves 'my-side bias': focusing on only the...

    Rights Based on Natural Law Part Two: According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    [...] When Peterson said, “No! I will not be compelled to speak a state-imposed language,” he felt the full brunt of Canada’s human rights laws come down upon his head. His own traditional natural rights and freedoms were irrelevant.

    The BFD Video: Judge Judy | Full Q&A | Oxford Union

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