How long before it’s illegal to be a Catholic in Tasmania? Perhaps we will hide them under the floorboards next to the Jews, when the Waffen-SSM Flamingwerfers come hunting.

Certainly, any Catholic actually publicly expressing standard Catholic belief can be expected to be hit with a deafening of screeching hate, if not hauled before the courts for upsetting the hurty feelings of assorted cross-dressers and homosexuals.

Funny how they never seem to have an opinion on the teachings of Islam, but that’s another matter.

So, what have the Papists done to upset the pillow-biters, this time?

Sent Catholic students a letter outlining basic Catholic beliefs. How dare they.

The letter, titled “We are Salt to the Earth” and dated May 2, was first sent to Guilford Young College students last week, but has since been forwarded to at least four other Catholic schools in the state.

Archbishop Julian Porteous takes aim at “radicalised transgender lobby” groups, legal abortion access, voluntary assisted dying and euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and more.

You, or I, may, or may not, agree with those sentiments, but the fact is that it’s standard Catholic doctrine that all of those are morally wrong.

And it’s certainly true that, as the archbishop writes:

What we are now witnessing in our Australian society is the imposition of certain ideological positions on social and moral questions by means of legislation… Over the last 30-40 years we have witnessed an organised campaign to overturn the traditional Christian understanding of sex and sexuality in western society. This activist work culminated in the 2017 change to the legal definition of marriage to allow same sex couples to marry, following a public plebiscite.

Well, where is he wrong?

Since this time we have seen the growth in what has been referred to as the ‘woke’ movement, seeking to overturn other traditional values and beliefs.

This has included the push for ‘diversity and inclusivity’ training in the corporate sector and the attack on the biological reality of being male or female through a radicalised transgender lobby.

Again, where is he objectively wrong? The question is not one of facts, therefore, it’s whether or not you subjectively approve or disapprove of the facts.

We live, though, in an era when “rainbow” activists confuse their hurty feelings for objective facts.

“This letter has a number of misinformation and disinformation, and also some homophobic and transphobic beliefs in it,” Equality Tasmania president Rowan Richardson said.

“Misinformation” and “disinformation”, such as? Just saying it doesn’t make it true. Where are the so-called “homophobic and transphobic beliefs”? Just believing — correctly — that a man is not and cannot be a woman is not “transphobic”. Neither is believing that marriage is reserved for heterosexuals.

A “phobia”, remember, is “irrational, unrealistic, persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation”. Simply disagreeing with a woman who thinks she is a man is not a “phobia”.

Mr Richardson — a transgender man, and schoolteacher — said the letter created “a climate where young people don’t feel safe to explore who they are”.

And what if young people want to be devout Catholics? Activists like Richardson have created a climate — social and legal — where neither young nor old are safe, or even allowed, to express sincere Catholic beliefs.

Archbishop Porteous also has some pointed words for people who send their kids to a Catholic school, but aren’t prepared to abide by Catholic teaching.

If they initially can accept the Catholicity of the school but later find that their personal views are at variance with those of the Catholic faith, then it would only make sense they should seek an alternative educational institution more aligned with their views.

Would you send your child to a Madrassah if you didn’t believe in Islamic teachings? A Steiner school, if you thought Steiner’s methodology was a load of rubbish? So why send your kids to a Catholic school, if you deem standard Catholic teaching “hateful”?

Independent Tasmanian MP Kristie Johnston, whose child attends a Catholic school and received the letter, said she was “deeply disturbed” by its contents.

Then send your kid to another school.

Or is it that you just want to put on the swank of a private education, but you don’t want to pay the fees at Scotch Oakburn?

And no show of rank hypocrisy is complete without the Greens.

Tasmanian Greens leader Rosalie Woodruff also condemned the letter and said she would consider what the next step should be.

Outlawing Catholicism?

“To call out people who are living their lives — trans people, non-married people, people who have sex outside of marriage — and to essentially demonise them … it has no place in Tasmania.”

ABC Tasmania

But it’s perfectly fine to demonise Catholics.

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