Monday, January 20, 2020
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    The BFD Crybaby of the Week

    I have a few simple questions for you all dear readers: What happens when you break the law and get caught? What happens when you break a written contract and get caught? If your decision to return to the country where you broke...

    EXPOSED: Greta Thunberg’s Ghost Writers

    A Facebook glitch which allowed visitors to view the edit history of user's posts has been rapidly fixed, but not before tech-hounds managed to exploit and explore several high-profile user pages, including Miss Thunberg. So, while almost everybody already strongly suspected she was...

    Rainbow Activists BULLY Gay Man to Suicide

    As Jim Goad so aptly puts it, “The modern left's heads are so far up their own asses with the idea that they are unimpeachably good, I suspect they may all soon suffocate to death”. But, for all their self-serving paeans to their own “kindness” and...

    The BFD Face of the Day: ‘ The Greatest Conservative of Our Age’

    Today's face of the day is Roger Scruton a Conservative philosopher and author of more than fifty books who died aged 75 on Sunday. The author of more than 50 books on aesthetics, morality and politics, he was...

    The Police Begin Their Raids Looking for Newly Illegal Arms

    Nicole McKeeSpokespersonFair and Reasonable Campaign It appears our worst fears are playing out. Earlier in the week, the Police began executing search warrants to find newly banned firearms and, as you will see, among those they are targeting are lawful, responsible firearms...

    Philippine Volcano Eruption: How Dangerous is it?

    The TAAL volcano is erupting in the Philippines - this volcano is only 64 km from the centre of Manila. There is nothing in Stuff on it yet. Here's a good interview by DW news ….. they are evacuating a 14km radius.

    Top Ten Posts From the Past Week

    Top Ten Posts From the Past Week