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Britain’s Hurty-Feelings Police Swing into Action

Britain’s police might be a bit pants at stopping actual crimes, like London’s staggering murder rate, or the industrial-scale rape of little girls by Pakistani Muslim gangs, but you have to hand it to them: they’re right on the ball when it comes to people saying...

Stuff Up of the Day

Today's Stuff up of the day is from Stuff where someone thinks that the city of angels is actually the city of angles.

Could Media Speculation Sink Trump’s Booming Economy?

With the US economy booming it’s hard to imagine a recession but because other markets are not faring anywhere nearly as well, adverse speculation could impact the US. Donald Trump has once again lashed out at the media, but this time to...

Alan Jones Unloads Plenty on Ardern

What is it about our media that, with one or two exceptions, they seem orgasmically wired to our prime minister. The endless items of witless trivia that impregnate the pages of today’s newspapers and magazines belie the true identity of the woman. It’s beyond time that...

Media Need to Listen to Their Audience

By Macca I really had to laugh on Thursday when both Willaims and Plunket were again trying to figure out why the media in this country are failing miserably and can't manage to exist without making massive losses. It was sort of like the...

Stuff Up of the Day

Today's Stuff up of the day looks like it is an example of an auto-correct going undetected by the writer in a Stuff article about Luxton. The brutal battles to be selected as the National candidate in these seats in the early...

Factual Reporting Infuriates the Left

Legendary newspaperman Wilbur F. Storey famously said, “It is a newspaper's duty to print the news and raise hell”. The left-media are conspicuously failing in their duty. The left-media don’t do “facts” any more: as leftist rag The Saturday Paper puts it, they do “narrative journalism”....

Things That Make Me Go Hmm

It's been happening incrementally for a while now, accelerated by The Tokelau media lockout, but the worm has definitely turned.Ardern's mug purposely and prominently associated with this latest stuff up is very, very telling....and delicious.Richard

Things that Make Me Go Hmm


Stuff Up of the Day

Today's Stuff up of the day is from Stuff who went to the trouble to redact out all the rude bits when quoting a tweet, but who also published the original in all its glory for the world to see.