Monday, October 21, 2019
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    Stuff Up of the Day

    Audio: Interviews about Massey University’s Suppression of Free Speech on Campus

    This week Sean Plunket brought three people onto his Magic talkback show to discuss the various issues surrounding Massey University's disgraceful decision to kowtow to bullies and stomp all over the free speech rights of its students. He interviewed Rachel Stewart...

    BFD Transcript: Kerre McIvor on Ron Mark using Ministerial Power for Good regarding Whenuapai Air Base Noise Restrictions

    I have always thought that Ron Mark was as sound as a pound – the Defence Minister has common sense and he’s not an entitled git. A rarity, not just in politics but also in the modern age – more on entitled gits coming up later in the show!

    Face of the Day

    NZ Herald writer resigns in defence of free Falconer and journalist Rachel Stewart.

    The BFD Transcript Part 2: Delayed Sex Assault Allegation Report, KiwiBuild Reset, Justin Lester Slight and More

    Begins at 12:32 Begins at 12:32 Mike: No. Can we have a crack at CRL one more time? Can you tell me who these companies are that are being negotiated with?

    The Article the NZ Herald Was Too SCARED to publish

    I have always liked Rachel Stewart's work and Cam has always rated her highly. We might not agree with everything she writes but she is a skilled journalist and she owns a falcon which is really cool no matter which side...

    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    According to GQ Magazine, “new masculinity” is men wearing earrings and giant dresses that resemble sleeping bags while crying. Yes, GQ Magazine.

    Map of the Day: Journalists Imprisoned in Europe – 2019

    ´Journalists Imprisoned in Europe´ - 2019

    BFD Transcript Part 1: Why We Must Harbour Criminals and Whether the Government is the Highest Authority

    Starts at 7:24 Mike: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is with us, good morning. Jacinda: Good morning. Mike: This bloke that Lees-Galloway has given residency to, because he’s a...