Monday, January 20, 2020
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    A Politically Motivated Debate That Is Now About CRUSHING Alternative Views

    George It is difficult to debate with those who will not communicate. The climate change examination is no longer about the issue but about the crushing of alternative views. We are all guilty of that from time to time. The first sign of...

    American Teachers’ Union Wants Climate Based Social Revolution Taught In English Classes

    David Wojick, Ph.D.PA Pundits - International I am not making this up. The National Federation of Teachers is promoting the teaching of Action Now! climate radicalism in America’s English classes. They basically claim that climate change hysteria should be part of our culture and...

    Changes Planned for Religious Instruction in State Schools

    Radix Minister Chris Hipkins believes in secular education and does not believe schools should be offering religious instruction. So Labour wants compulsory instruction in climate change, sexuality, mindfulness and gender confusion indoctrination, but any mention of love, joy, hope...

    The Child Molesters of the Mind Pervert More NZ Children

    [...] Because the subject matter causes so much anxiety and fear in young children (as indoctrinating them about an imminent human extinction will tend to do), the emotional side had to be addressed by the mind molesters, so encouraging children to become activists against the so-called climate change impact is designed to mitigate their anxieties.

    It’s All in the Science

    Page 14 of the new New Zealand teachers' resource for the indoctrination of impressionable minds has this quote: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations Environment Program’s climate body, has said for over a decade that there is “unequivocal” ...

    ‘State-organised Bullying of Kids’

    ACT leader David Seymour was dead right when he didn't pull his punches and described the new New Zealand climate change curriculum as 'state-organised bullying of kids' Seymour, leader of the ACT Party, said he's concerned the curriculum doesn't allow for students...

    Children: Do Try This at Home

    Page 12 of the new New Zealand teachers' resource for child indoctrination has this conclusive experiment for children to learn about the evils of man-made CO2 and the greenhouse effect. The BFD - NZ Education system indoctrination experiment

    Non-satirical Image of the Day

    Here is page 38 from the new New Zealand teachers' resource for child indoctrination into the religion of man-made climate change. With the banning of (Christian) religious education in schools, the CoL obviously felt the need for a replacement religion honouring Gaia.

    The New Cultural Cringe of Australia’s Elite

    Did New Zealand also have a “cultural cringe”? For BFD readers perhaps unfamiliar with the term, the “cultural cringe” was the wide-spread belief (at least among the elites) that Australian culture was inherently inferior, to British culture especially. Literature, music, painting – it was all supposedly...

    EDUCATION: Politikiwi Election Promises Tracker

    Source Over on the website Politikiwi they are tracking the government's election promises. The website was launched eight months ago and its existence was announced on Reddit. It began as a personal project for 19-year-old software engineer Robert Calvert’s portfolio.