Friday, April 3, 2020
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    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    James Shaw and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cooking and serving up sausages and bacon for the masses while teaching our children that meat and dairy are causing climate change. The BFD. Things that make me go hmm.

    When We Demanded ‘Divest Fossil Fuels’ We Didn’t Mean Right Now

    In an exceptionally brilliant piece of bluff calling, Professor Andrew Parker of St John’s College at Oxford University trolled the idiotic students at one of the UK's most prestigious educational establishments. Two students at St John’s College wrote to Andrew Parker, the principal...

    Will Labour Actually BUILD the Roads?

    I get the feeling that Jacinda suddenly wants to be taken seriously. She has announced that there will be no wedding this year, thus presumably responding to the #Turnardern movement that said we want a prime minister who doesn't spend all her time doing fluff pieces...

    The NZ Climate Change Curriculum is Cult Indoctrination & Child Abuse: Part Four

    Barbara McKenzie Editor's note: Part Four is the final article in the series and it is a detailed analysis of the ‘myths’ about Climate Change and their supposed refutations by Jock Allison. An analysis by Dr...

    A Hot Summer’s Day Is Now Climate Change According to Stuff

    Stuff is just loving the pimping of climate catastrophe on their site. The latest thing attributed to climate change is a hot summer's day: The BFD. Apparently Auckland, presumably due to climate change as they've plonked the story under...

    The NZ Climate Change Curriculum is Cult Indoctrination & Child Abuse: Part Three

    Barbara McKenzie Activism (Sections B and C) The purpose of the curriculum is not to educate: it is to terrify the children, then prime them for activism.  The argument for an urgent need for activism is as follows:

    The NZ Climate Change Curriculum is Cult Indoctrination & Child Abuse: Part Two

    Barbara McKenzie How does it make you feel? One of the strangest aspects of a supposedly scientific subject, where one would expect the application of some objectivity, is the emphasis on and encouragement of emotional response.  This is introduced as early...

    The NZ Climate Change Curriculum Is Cult Indoctrination and Child Abuse: Part One

    Barbara McKenzie ”Education” continues its slide into indoctrination and brainwashing. The Cultural Marxist’s “long march through the institutions” is now substantially [email protected] There’s a disturbing whiff of totalitarianism, in that this secular religion permits no dissentKarl du Fresne, Dominion Post, January...

    Australian Govt has had Enough of Ardern’s Sanctimonious Hypocrisy

    The Australian government is obviously heartily sick of being finger-wagged by the holier-than-thou Ardern government. Especially over climate change. At last year’s Pacific Island Forum, Jacinda Ardern repeatedly threw pointed sneers at Australia, and PM Scott Morrison in particular. Ardern smugly declared that...

    The BFD Pop-up Poll: Should the New NZ Climate Change Curriculum be Binned?

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