Monday, July 6, 2020
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    Global Warming Good for Penguins?

    Is more sea-ice in Antarctica a good thing or a bad thing? Seems like the answer depends on who you ask. Scientists have "asked" the Adelie penguins and gotten a surprising answer. Population trends and breeding success variability of Adélie penguins, a...

    Scientists Prove What We All Knew

    How did this get published, one may ask. It seems that some scientists have discovered that coral atolls build themselves up to keep pace with the ever so slowly rising seas. Who'd have thunk it? Natural creatures like corals building their little homes in exactly the...

    An Irreversible T Junction

    When one assembles a panel of green climate change wombles for an in-depth interview, there is only one possible outcome: "It's worse than we thought!" Guyon Espiner conducted an in-depth interview with Simon Upton, NZ Parliamentary Commissioner...

    The BFD Nightcap

    CO2 Levels Plummet Due to Government Lockdowns

    Sorry ... Fake News. But imagine the headlines from the CO2-is-evil gang had there been the slightest detectable dip in measured CO2 as a result of the worldwide government mandated lockdowns. The evil aviation industry has, to all intents, been grounded.

    She Claims That She Can See CO2 Can She see COVID-19?

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    Another Climate Model Input Parameter is Wrong

    The science is settled. There is nothing left to learn about how the climate works in our wonderful world. 97% of scientists agree and that number of learned folk simply cannot be wrong, can they? So why do pesky, inquisitive, minds keep finding...

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    R&BAvenger Watched 'Planet of the Humans' on YouTube last night. A real eye-opener for me and my other half. Interestingly she was also inspired to watch Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean's take on the movie as well, which came up immediately afterwards.

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    Dave The latest documentary by Michael Moore is free to watch in its entirety on YouTube. Ad revenue may be his best bet of monetising his “work” these days as box office sales are a mere shadow of what they once were....


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