According to the millions of leftists marching weekly for “Palestine”, it’s not that they hate Jews, they’re just anti-war. Above all, they piously witter, they’re concerned for the children.

Which is odd, because, when it comes to a brutal war which is causing untold misery and death for millions of children, the left is nowhere to be seen. In fact, they’d probably struggle to even name the war concerned. They’re certainly not shaking their little fists and chanting their genocidal little slogans about it.

18 million Sudanese are at risk of hunger, and one million women, men and children could even starve to death this year; 27 million people in Sudan are dependent on humanitarian aid, eight million on the run. They are sober Figures that document the terrible disaster in the African country. Exactly one [year ago] war broke out in Sudan […] since then every attempt to the parties to the conflict has failed to move to a ceasefire. Because the two hostile generals don’t want one, as long as they win the war thanks to arms deliveries from abroad – to be able to. They carry their struggle for power largely in the absence of World community. It is a forgotten conflict.


Purely coincidentally, neither Israel nor Jews are involved. In fact, the belligerents are both Muslim.

No wonder the left doesn’t want to know or care about it.

Even though orders of magnitude more civilians and children are being killed, starved, and displaced.

The war, which broke out between the Sudanese army and the RSF as they vied for power ahead of a planned transition, has crippled infrastructure, displaced more than 8.5 million people, and cut many off from food supplies and basic services.

“We can manage together to avoid a terrible famine catastrophe, but only if we get active together now,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said, adding that, in the worst-case scenario, 1 million people could die of hunger this year.

The United Nations is seeking $2.7 billion this year for aid inside Sudan, where 25 million people need assistance, an appeal that was just 6 percent funded before the Paris meeting. It is seeking another $1.4 billion for assistance in neighboring countries that have housed hundreds of thousands of refugees.

But… war crimes! “Genocide”!

The Sudan has both — for real, not in the idiot imaginations of the left — in spades.

Each side has been accused of war crimes — which Macron said would not go unpunished — and the RSF and its allies have been blamed for ethnic cleansing in West Darfur. Both factions have largely denied the accusations against them.

In Al-Fashir on Saturday, local activists reported that 40,000 people had fled their homes after RSF and allied militias raided and set fire to villages on the western outskirts of the city.

Arab News

If the left’s moral compass really was all about stopping war and the suffering of children, they’d be flooding the streets by the million daily. The coffers of charity groups in the Sudan would be overflowing with more wealth than a Hamas commander’s Qatari bank balance.

Instead, aid groups are struggling to scrape together funds for the Sudan, and the left is utterly silent.

I wonder why?

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