Sunday, May 31, 2020

    Chris Trotter

    Chris Trotter is a weekly political columnist and commentator. On occasion he's also been known to sing.

    Liberal-Conservatives: 1 Radical-Conservatives: 0

    [...] Radical conservatives lay claim to a fundamental political understanding which they insist the liberal-conservatives have yet to grasp. That if the Left is allowed to go on undermining Faith and Family, then Free-Market Capitalism will soon fall into the hole they leave behind.

    20 Billion Good Reasons Why Paula Bennett Should Be Worried

    [...] This is the election narrative which Bennett should fear the most. The story of a brave and compassionate young woman doing all she can to lead her people through the Valley of the Shadow of COVID Death and out the other side, while behind every rock, every tree, lurk the evil agents of the people’s enemies, doing everything within their power to prevent her success – and the “team of 5 million’s” escape.

    The Right’s Full-Court Press

    [...] It’s been an impressive display of right-wing strength. Taking the lead has been the Right’s powerful contingent of media assets. From the BFD’s own Cam Slater to Newstalk-ZB’s Mike Hosking and The NZ Herald’s star columnist, Matthew Hooton. Between them, these opinion-formers of the Right have waged an increasingly destructive campaign against the Prime Minister’s near saintly status.

    ‘Why Aren’t Those People Being Arrested?’

    [...] Many New Zealanders cannot understand why citizens without the requisite legal authority are being allowed to intercept and question their fellow citizens. Those same New Zealanders are asking (privately!) whether concerned Pakeha intercepting and questioning Maori travellers at checkpoints: “Where are you going, sir? What is the purpose of your travel?”; would be met with a similar level of official tolerance.

    The American Connection

    [...] The first right-wing operative to learn at the feet of American political campaigners was Albert Ernest Davy (1886-1959). The son of a Wellington policeman, Davy was the epitome of a right-wing activist.

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