What’s going on in Sydney, all of a sudden? Two stabbing attacks in just days, and a riot to boot?

The first attack, in a Bondi shopping mall, seems, despite early speculation, to not have been a terror attack, but a “de-institutionalised” nutter with a hate-boner for women. The latest, though, even the NSW Police can’t hide was yet another Muslim terror attack.

The riot that followed was, deplorable as it may be, the inevitable result of communities who have just had enough.

A 15-year-old boy was accused of stabbing an Assyrian bishop at a western Sydney church on Monday night, with some officers forced to use capsicum spray as the streets descended into mayhem and a nearby hospital was put on lockdown.

Riot police were deployed to the Christ the Good Shepherd church in Wakeley where hundreds of people flocked following the shock stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and another person, who were both treated for stab wounds after the alleged attack.

Is anyone going to mention the I-word? Not The Age or the ABC, and certainly not Newshub or the NZ Herald. Only the wicked Murdoch press dared describe the attacker as a “suspected Islamist”. The Oz also included this telling detail:

In a livestreamed video, the youth dressed in black can be seen approaching Bishop Mar Mari at the altar, before allegedly stabbing him in the face with an implement, and then multiple times on his body. At the time, Bishop Mar Mari was delivering a sermon to a full congregation […]

Police would not detail the nature of the contact the 15-year-old has previously had with authorities.

In the confronting footage, the alleged attacker appears to be held down by multiple people before admitting to targeting the priest for “swearing at my prophet” in Arabic.

One of the men asks him “who set you up to do this?”

He responds: “If he was not swearing at my prophet I would have not come here.”

Arabic. The prophet. Other witnesses stated that he used the infamous “Allahu ackbar” phrase. Any clues, here?

What happened after was shocking, perhaps, but only to those in officialdom who’ve kept their heads buried firmly in the sand.

The teenager – who is known to police – was apprehended by parishioners until police arrived. Police say he has “severe” injuries to his hand.

It has been confirmed by police that at least one of the attacker’s fingers was cut off. Footage also shows the attacker “smirking” as he was apprehended. Small wonder, perhaps, that the church community erupted in anger.

Police were called to the church around 7.10pm, with some forced to deploy capsicum spray as the street spiralled out of control. At least 150 officers were shortly called to the scene.

Two officers were injured, with one taken to an ambulance with a bandage on his head and blood on his chest, as a police helicopter circled overhead.

“A constable was hit with a metal object and sustained a twisted knee and a chipped tooth. Another constable sustained a broken jaw after he was hit with a brick and a fence paling,” a police spokesperson said.

The crowd chanted “bring him out”, but it was unclear whether the alleged offender was still inside the church.

Multiple windows of police cars was smashed in, and the group threw projectiles. Tyres of police cars were also smashed, antennas bent and side windows ripped off.

The Australian

No doubt many people in Sydney can’t help but notice that police and politicians will do anything they can to protect a group so often apparently hell-bent on mayhem and violence. It was only six months ago that police failed to do anything at all about a Muslim mob attacking a vigil for the October 7 victims, at the Sydney Opera House. The only person police arrested was a Jewish man trying to attend the vigil — for the heinous crime of carrying an Israeli flag.

To rub salt into the wound, NSW police later produced unconvincing “expert evidence” that the mob never chanted “Gas the Jews” at all, never mind what we can all clearly hear on the video. Instead, police blithered, they chanted “Where’s the Jews?” — as if that’s any better.

Despite the anti-Semitic chants, and despite footage of Islamic preachers in Western Sydney preaching jihad sermons and urging Muslims to “spit on Jews”, not one “hate speech” charge has been laid.

Similarly, when a “pro-Palestine” mob attacked a Jewish man outside Melbourne Town Hall, the only person apprehended was the Jew.

It seems at least some Australians have had enough. As we’ve seen before migrant Christian communities are not as supine as a great many other Australians: when “rainbow” protesters attempted to disrupt a speech by politician Mark Latham at a Maronite church in Sydney — including allegedly vandalising a cross — riot police had to swoop to save the queers and trannies from being lynched.

While The Age is notably incurious about the terrorist and his motives, it did find plenty of time to poison the well by attempting to smear the bishop.

Emmanuel is a prominent leader of an ultra-conservative sect of the Assyrian Orthodox. He became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic for being critical of lockdowns and vaccines.

Often livestreaming his services on YouTube and social media where he has hundreds of thousands of followers, he preached fire and brimstone and drew in radical Christians for his anti-LGBTQ sermons.

Other viral livestreams of his feature hardline views about American and Russian politics, as well as claiming Satan founded the United Nations.

The Age

‘E was askin’ fer it, apparently.

Such is the state of modern mainstream journalism.

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