Monday, October 21, 2019
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    A Hollywood Blacklist for Trump Supporters?

    PA Pundits – International papundits.wordpress.comBy Brent Bozell and Tim Graham For decades now, the Hollywood Left has romanticized those brave Communist Party members who were blacklisted...

    The Crocodile Sleeps: 1937

    Anarchist History of New ZealandThe History of New Zealand through a Libertarian Anarchist lens. Yesterday in New Zealand history, 19 October 1937, the...

    MediaWorks Weren’t Listening

    Macca I have zero sympathy for MediaWorks and their impending demise. In fact, I'm pretty positive that the vast majority here...

    Is This the New Normal for NZ’s Streets?

    Xbolt Para-Military Police are to patrol the streets of New Zealand communities. Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) will be patrolling in "Special Police" vehicles...

    Free Speech Under Attack: ‘The Thug’s Veto’

    Not PC...promoting capitalist acts between consenting adults. So "legal advice" about protestors threatening unspecified violence has managed to give Massey University  a "Health and...

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    That's it, stick a fork in's done. The New Zealand Defence Force will be updating its grooming...

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