Sunday, March 29, 2020


    Is Portland the USA’s Biggest Dunghole?

    A little while back, President Trump got the leftards free-trade organic cotton knickers in a twist by suggesting that there were a few countries outside the good ole U S of A that he felt were nothing better than 'shitholes'. People jumped up...

    The Gravel’s Set to Fly Again

    Rallying in New Zealand has been missing its pinnacle event since 2012, but gravel chuckers everywhere are rejoicing in the news this week that there will again be a World Rally Car Series round in NZ, at least in the short term.

    Not-So-Smart Travellers Come a Cropper

    One of the most memorable characters in Michael Crichton’s climate-thriller State of Fear is the pompous, egotistical actor-activist Ted Bradley. Bradley, who serves as both the avatar of Hollywood’s ignorant self-importance and as a foil for the book’s skeptic-heroes, comes to a hilariously bad end. As...

    Why Do We Keep Accepting Reduced Service?

    Why is it, I wonder, that we as Kiwis keep letting businesses reduce their service, but we still stay with them? We are all familiar with our favourite chocolate bars being reduced in size without the price being reduced, but I have noticed...