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    The Battle of the Cadenheads – Benrinnes 18yo vs Benrinnes 23yo

    Sometimes we taste whisky and we just take for granted the differences, but what if you side by side two whiskies, for all intents and purposes same barrel type and same bottler but 5 years apart.  You get a remarkable difference in flavours.

    The whisky trail – Jazz Groove – 38yo 46.7%

    So you like Jazz, This has nothing to do with jazz but it has jazz written all over it. it is a old as shit whisky.  Rumour has it it has old Macallan in it which is cool because new Macallan is just disappointing.

    SMWS 53.237 – 16yo Caol Ila 63.5%

    Called a gentleman's Islay whisky, usually, because it is more integrated and refined than some face smashing, throat tickling Islay whisky. But this single barrel single malt expression is unusual for a caol ila. Oily as well, it will...

    SMWS 29.190 – 17yo Laphroaig

    This is a Laphroaig not like you know it, it isn't boring like your standard Laphroaig. I ask people, what kind of whisky do you like? Some will say:'Oh I love Laphroaig 10' because it is 'cool' to say...

    The SMWS 85.50 Glen Elgin

    This is like drinking a Mexican jalapeno salad with some fruit, Wow! Not for a beginner, If you seek 'smooth' whiskies and this ain't for you until you grow some hair on your balls.

    Signatory vintage Mortlach 1990 24yo

    A slightly old bottling but a great one at that. Mortlachs are known as 'the beast of dufftown'. No, They do not prowl the night for innocent victims unless you are an amateur in whisky - then you will...

    The Ultimate Whisky – Ballechin – 46% – 2004 to 2015

    Most people have never heard of this whisky, It is not 'Ball Chin' Ir is 'Ball-eh-chin' ..... I think:) I have had Ballechin before and most have been good, most have been cask strength. I think...

    Single Malts of Scotland – Glenlossie 11yo – cask 1358

    Unique, different and certainly off the beaten path. Usually you will find this in many blends but in a single barrel, single malt expression - it shines. Then again, this is my first Glenlossie ever, so thanks for watching me pop my Glenlossie cherry! 

    Glendronach Single Barrel – Cask 4418 – 1995 – 2017 21yo – 52.6%

    You no doubt have heard of Glendronach - but this single barrel gives a new light to that experience. If your average Glendronach is a standard cyclist, this one is Lance Armstrong jacking up on roids.

    The Longrow 21yo Review – 46% 2019 release

    Longrow and Springbank rouses the discerning palates and lovers of old style scotch. Polarising in it's nature to the core - Longrow/Springbank makes no apologies for that. Old world scotch in a new world full of snowflake whiskies, This is an orchestra of...