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    The Ardbeg Blasda 40% review

    Everyone has heard of Ardbeg - if you haven't then get the F out of your cave. The Ardbeg demands such a cult status that they become uber collectible.  This is probably one of the strangest expressions of an Ardbeg...

    Arturo Fuente Anejo Shark review!

    A ball busting cigar - it will make you drool like you just took a bucket of horse tranq - Ok, maybe not that bad but its pretty big and potent, but glorious! Paired with - SMOS - Ben Nevis 22yo -...

    SMOS – Ben Nevis 22yo – 58.4% – 1997 to 2019

    Like chomping on copper bits, this is a robust and satisfying whisky. Not a common bottling, especially in NZ, SMOS does this distillery justice.  Imagine having a plate of pork chops, pork belly and a rare steak and then sticky date pudding for dessert. 

    Springbank 15yo Rum Wood 51% 2019 release

    What a treat - is it the best Springbank? No, is it compelling? Yes. A unique expression of Springbank, not as filthy and dirty as usual - clean, clinical and somewhat refreshing. A must try....

    Drew Estate Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

    When Pigs Fly... Well, These feral flying pigs is like the 'Beast of Blenheim' had babies with your local Queen street synthetic weed user - It is brutal! Overwhelming but intriguing.  This is not for the faint hearted....

    Gordon Macphail Morthlach 30yo – 48.8% – 1988 to 2018

    You think you are a hardcore whisky drinker?  If you have never had a Mortlach then you have probably never experienced a beast.  Known as the 'Beat of Dufftown' - Mortlachs are known to burn off hair from most...

    The Battle of the Cadenheads – Benrinnes 18yo vs Benrinnes 23yo

    Sometimes we taste whisky and we just take for granted the differences, but what if you side by side two whiskies, for all intents and purposes same barrel type and same bottler but 5 years apart.  You get a remarkable difference in flavours.

    The whisky trail – Jazz Groove – 38yo 46.7%

    So you like Jazz, This has nothing to do with jazz but it has jazz written all over it. it is a old as shit whisky.  Rumour has it it has old Macallan in it which is cool because new Macallan is just disappointing.

    SMWS 53.237 – 16yo Caol Ila 63.5%

    Called a gentleman's Islay whisky, usually, because it is more integrated and refined than some face smashing, throat tickling Islay whisky. But this single barrel single malt expression is unusual for a caol ila. Oily as well, it will...

    SMWS 29.190 – 17yo Laphroaig

    This is a Laphroaig not like you know it, it isn't boring like your standard Laphroaig. I ask people, what kind of whisky do you like? Some will say:'Oh I love Laphroaig 10' because it is 'cool' to say...


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