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    Glendronach Single Barrel – Cask 4418 – 1995 – 2017 21yo – 52.6%

    You no doubt have heard of Glendronach - but this single barrel gives a new light to that experience. If your average Glendronach is a standard cyclist, this one is Lance Armstrong jacking up on roids.

    The Longrow 21yo Review – 46% 2019 release

    Longrow and Springbank rouses the discerning palates and lovers of old style scotch. Polarising in it's nature to the core - Longrow/Springbank makes no apologies for that. Old world scotch in a new world full of snowflake whiskies, This is an orchestra of...

    Does whisky go off in the bottle when opened?

    I get this question a lot, not so simple but Yes and No! Whisky should be stored opened or unopened in a cool dry place away from sunlight, a kitchen cupboard is a perfect spot. Once opened you should ensure the cap is firmly...

    Springbank 21yo 46% & Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City

    The Springbank 21 is hard to come by and it costs a shit load of money. How good is it? Paired it with an Opus X Lost city - Double Robusto. Is that worth all the hype? 

    SMWS 38.24 Caperdonich 26yo Refill XBourb

    Want something a little rarer? SMWS 38.24 will tick that box. Drinking this is liquid history. Closed and extinct distillery - question is, Are you 'Baller' enough? Make sure you pair something luxurious with this. 

    Cadenhead 20yo 45.2% Creations

    You may have heard of 'Blended Whisky' like Johnnie walker. Except for the Green 15yo (not this bull shit 'Island green' and the Gold label), Johnnie Walker is generally rubbish.  It is designed for people who can't be bothered exploring whisky (No offence - Sorry...

    Caol Ila 32yr old 1983 – 2016 – 49.3% Signatory Vintage Cask strength

    You can drink whisky because it is 'smooth' or you can drink it because you love experiences. This is one for experience. Thought provoking, a part of history, old fashioned and influenced by decades sleeping in a barrel. What a...

    Talisker 8yr 59.4% 2018 Diageo Special Release OB

    Talisker is a distillery that can be polarising because some think it's like drinking Diesel while some like drinking diesel so they like Talisker.  None the less, Most Taliskers are low ABV, because Diageo and big corporates tend to water down whisky - they...

    SMWS Review: 4.251

    So this is a highland park. If you are not across it - SMWS is an independent bottler.  They are generally pretty good, love them in fact but as the famous words of bad Santa goes : "They can't all be winners'

    Blair Athol and Cohiba Talisman 2017: Baptism by fire

    Signatory vintage cask strength Blair Athol 58.9% 27 years old 1988 to 2016 - 93 of 520 - Cask #6851 matured in a refill Sherry butt. paired with:The Cohiba Talisman2017 This may have ruined my life.  Blair Athol, Glorious...