Wednesday, June 3, 2020


    “A sally is a sudden charge out of a besieged place against the enemy” Oxford Dictionary definition To get to the truth sometimes a Sally must ensue.

    The BFD National Party Leadership Poll

    How Well Have Our Political Leaders Handled the COVID-19 Crisis?

    The BFD Playing Your Part Poll

    The BFD Poll: Playing Your Part

    Then and Now

    Then and Now is a possible new series for The BFD. If it is to continue we need readers to submit photos of a current scene...

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    Chairman Dan Apes His Idol in Beijing

    Victoria’s socialist premier, Labor’s Daniel Andrews, seems to have been emboldened by his unexpected increased majority in that state’s 2018 election....

    Wanna Place to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

    The BFD welcomes ALL subscribers to our latest service for your exclusive use. We have called it MyBFD

    Both of NZ’s Post COVID Futures Are Bad: Part Two

    Alex Future 2: New Zealand eliminates COVID-19 and becomes a South Pacific Prison for its Citizens

    George the Gentle Giant

    WarningContains facts and opinions that may upset your world view. Davo42 Yesterday a candle...

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