Sunday, March 29, 2020
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    The BFD: February Election 2020 Political Poll * UPDATED

    I have removed the link to January's poll results from this post as some readers have used it to vote thereby changing the reported results. Please only vote in the February poll provided do not vote in last months poll. At the end...

    The BFD POP-up Poll: Should English Be Made an Official language of NZ like the Maori language was in 1987?

    The BFD: Monthly Election 2020 Political Poll

    At the end of each month, The BFD will put up a new poll with the same question so that we can track changes in voters' preferences in the lead up to the election on September 19th. Each month we will analyse...

    The BFD Pop-up Poll: Should the New NZ Climate Change Curriculum be Binned?

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    Poll Results: The BFD ‘Election 2020 Political Issues

    1002 readers took part in The BFD Election 2020 Political issues poll The four MOST important 2020 election issues to the readers who took part in The BFD poll were as follows: Government budget deficit/ Government debtThe government/ Poor leadershipCrime/...

    The BFD Reader Poll