When an Assyrian Orthodox congregation in Sydney rioted after the stabbing attack on their bishop by a Muslim, there was much tutting and finger-wagging from police and politicians.

But should they have really been surprised? They might want to consider that people are only going to put up with so much lawlessness tolerated and coddled by police and politicians before they snap.

As Ezra Levant puts it:

Who amongst us doesn’t root for the man trying to uphold order. And yet vigilantism is a danger that can spiral out of control.

Cowardly and partisan police create a vacuum that will be filled by something — and most of the things will not be so gentle.


“Cowardly and partisan” doesn’t begin to describe the conduct of police and politicians when it comes to coddling radical Islam, in Sydney especially. When a mob of Muslims chanting “Gas the Jews!” attacked a vigil for Israeli October 7 victims, police did nothing. Well, not quite nothing: they arrested a Jewish man trying to attend the vigil. They also published an unconvincing “expert opinion” that the mob really chanted “Where’s the Jews?”

Which, as Executive Council of Australian Jewry co-CEO Alex Ryvchin pointed out, begs the question of what they wanted to do to any Jews they might have found.

But that was only the beginning. In the six months since October 7, already dismaying high incidences of anti-Semitism have spiralled out of control. Jews in Australia are living in fear, while Islamic preachers exhort their followers to violence.

Not one person has been charged with any “hate crimes” under the Racial Discrimination Act. The Australian Human Rights Commission has been utterly silent.

It’s even worse in the US, where “racial justice” policing has unleashed a wave of violent crime. Americans are just as sick of criminals getting a free pass as Australians are of terrorist ideologies being coddled.

A crowd of New Yorkers were filmed banding together against a man seen punching a woman in a seemingly random attack.

The attack occurred on 14th and Seventh Avenue, and was caught on camera by an apartment dweller overhead.

It comes amid a rash of reports of women being assaulted on city streets, though, in this case, the attack was thwarted by a group of complete strangers.

They are seen descending on the man within seconds of him hitting the middle-aged victim, leaving him unconscious on the pavement. The crowd then disperses into the night – as if nothing ever happened.

The Daily Mail

This is just the tip of the iceberg of violent attacks plaguing US cities.

On March 27, cops arrested 40-year-old Skiboky Stora, a fringe, failed gubernatorial candidate who they say assaulted TikTok influencer Halley Kate Mcgookin near West 16th Street and Seventh on March 25.

The next day, cops arrested Mallik Miah, a 30-year-old Brooklyn man charged with assaulting TikToker Mikayla Toninato in Greenwich Village on March 25 […]

A 36-year-old woman was then punched in the back on March 25 at 10:15am, while walking at Rivington and Chrystie Streets on the Lower East Side, cops said.

The next day, around noon, a 24-year-old woman was attacked by a man who slammed the left side of her head with his elbow while she traversed Seventh Avenue near 39th Street, the NYPD confirmed.

That same day, a 24-year-old woman was hit in the head by a stranger in the Flatiron District, police said.

The Daily Mail

A 68-year-old woman was left in critical condition after she was attacked and robbed outside a Queens church on Sunday, according to the NYPD.


And if, by a strange miracle of modern “policing” these creeps are actually arrested?

“Racial justice” sentencing, that’s what.

A Bronx gangbanger who has racked up nine arrests this year on a bevy of wild charges is free on the streets of New York City after being repeatedly sprung without bail […]

Despite the laundry list of alleged offenses — including at least 31 domestic incidents ranging from alleged assaults to death threats against women — [Emmanuel Santiago] has repeatedly been let go on non-monetary release, according to the law enforcement sources […]

He is just one of numerous NYC recidivists who have been allowed to walk free without bail — only to soon land in cuffs again once out — since state lawmakers in Albany passed sweeping criminal justice reforms in 2019.

The reforms eliminated cash bail for most non-violent felonies and misdemeanors, exacerbating problems from laws dating back to 1971 which barred judges from considering the risk of allowing somebody back on the street when setting bail.

New York Post

Strange as it may seem to Democrat lawmakers, going soft on criminals only encourages them to commit more crimes. Whodathunkit!

In the East Bronx, rape has soared by 175%, felony assault by 18%, grand larceny by 70%, and major crimes overall by 27%, according to NYPD figures.

Similar figures are playing out in cities across the US.

Is it any surprise, then, that vigilantism is growing?

Two of the three squatters who allegedly took over a woman’s $1 million home in New York City fled the property after recently having a tense stand-off with the property’s owner and facing “vigilantes” who tried to evict the illegal tenants, a new report details.

Fox News

Well, what do they expect? When law-abiding citizens decide that the law isn’t there for them, what else will they conclude but that the only course is taking the law into their own hands?

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