Sunday, May 31, 2020


    Covid-19 From Its First Appearance in 2012 with a 50%+ Fatality Rate

    Covid-19 is wreaking fear and havoc around the globe but very little is said about its colourful history, which includes the suspected murder of a Canadian scientist and its alleged theft in Canada by Chinese scientists. The new Coronavirus first appeared in 2012...

    Best Intentions Cannot Control Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Operation Paperclip was the American mission to smuggle Nazi war criminals out of Europe after WWII and take 88 brilliant Third Reich scientific minds to America to drive technological advancement in rocketry, space search and biological weaponry. Writer Annie Jacobsen wrote about that...

    BFD Weekender: Did they see it coming? How Fortune-telling took hold in Australia – with Women as Clients and Criminals

    Alana PiperUniversity of Technology Sydney The BFD. Though illegal, fortune-telling was only sporadically prosecuted. Here, two women set up tents at the 1913 Adelaide Children’s Hospital fete.State Library of SA

    Maybe Kiwis Should Stop Breaking the Law?

    Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters can whinge all they like about Australia exercising its sovereign rights and deporting New Zealand-citizen crims, but legal scholar Mirko Bagaric has some very simple advice. The BFD. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern...

    Muslims Don’t Want a Memorial Service

    The anniversary of the dreadful March 15 mosque attacks approaches, and we all expect this to be an opportunity for Jacinda to grandstand, don a headscarf, hug people and delight the international media with her kindness and fairy dust. She will also be hoping that it...

    When the Haters Cry ‘Hate!’

    It’s no secret that we are being subjected to a rash of fake “hate crimes”. Jussie Smollett is only the most famous example of a trend across the Western world. What’s also obvious is that almost all of these hoaxes are deliberately intended to actually foster...

    A Judge, a Teenage Hoon, and a Whiney AA Spokesman.

    There's nothing quite like a story of a speeding teenager getting let off by a Dud Judge to get the opinions flowing. This week we hear of Kingston Webb, a resident of Napier (hmm, just what do you call that, a Napierian, a Napierite?). Anyway, young...

    Things that Make Me go Hmm

    More than 4000 firearms have been stolen, between the start of 2015 and November 2019 from four of New Zealand's twelve policing districts and the cops have had their firearms stolen as well! The BFD."Someone stole our firearms! Hit the gas Wilson"

    When It Comes to Sending Ratbag Aussie Crims Home Simon Bridges Is All Mouth and No Trousers

    Simon Bridges made a big song and dance about reciprocity for how New Zealand deals with Aussie criminals in New Zealand. He said loud and long that we should be sending them home like the Aussies do to Kiwi criminals. When asked about the one obvious...

    Nothing to See Here: Police Say So

    Is it any wonder that people don’t trust the authorities, much less the legacy media, any more? The legacy media’s reputation slides further down the s-bend every day. Almost nobody trusts the government. Even the thin blue line is slipping in the public...


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