Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was an MP for twenty-six years for Werriwa. Successive boundary changes, which always move Australian electorate boundaries slightly westward, means the current electorate of Fowler, rather than Werriwa itself, more closely resembles the area he represented back in the day. The incumbent MP for Fowler, Dai Le, has expressed deep concerns about fallout from the terror attack at a church earlier in the week saying “people are scared of each other”.

For many years Australia had the “White Australia” policy, which restricted immigration from anywhere other than Britain, New Zealand, or such places as Greece and Italy. Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s greatest Prime Minister, once said in a radio interview “….I don’t want to see reproduced in Australia the kind of problem they have in South Africa or in America or increasingly in Great Britain. I think it’s been a very good policy and it’s been of great value to us and most of the criticism of it that I’ve ever heard doesn’t come from these oriental countries it comes from wandering Australians.”

And he was correct; not only has what he feared come true – literally as we speak – but those who sought to change the policy were cultural Marxists (rather than some organic groundswell from the general population); most notably, Gough Whitlam. In 1973 the Whitlam Government abolished the policy and opened the doors to anybody wanting to live in Australia.

Almost without exception, the sort of ethnic groups allowed into Australia have brought crime, violence, strange cultural norms, strange languages, strange religions, and a truckload of social problems with them. I would challenge anybody to name an exception. Sydney and Melbourne have been gifted crime, violence and decay on a level unheard of prior to 1973 and it gets even worse every single year.

Once these people had arrived there was then a curious level of tolerance for the problems which resulted. Schools were overwhelmed with pupils unable to speak the language and expected to cope; the failure rate skyrocketed as did the inevitable youth “long-term unemployment” problem and the social problems this caused. Predictably anyone speaking out about the Emperor’s new clothes was denounced as racist – because the “Doctors Wives” demographic took great delight in the wonderful cultural mix which saw 40% unemployment and twenty rapes per day (sweety darling), and they needed to let everyone know how “modern and forward-thinking” they were by supporting “New Australians”. They didn’t want anyone to think they were, you know, “Ockers”.

So what a mess. Australia was warned what would happen, did it anyway, and are now paying an enormous price for “cultural diversity” – a price which rises far more exponentially than food prices at Woolies.

It has therefore always been a source of great puzzlement as to why so many New Zealanders go and live in Australia; rushing off to a viper pit of crime, violence, and social problems far worse than anything you will find in this country. I’ve been fleecing lots of Australians since 1998 but never once considered actually moving there!

The answer to the problem is theoretically simple: “Grandfather” citizenship (ie: cancel the citizenship of every Australian who didn’t have both grandfathers born in Australia to Australian-born parents) and issue deportation notices to everybody for whom this doesn’t apply.

Once out of Australia, deportees can always apply for a visa to return. In usual socialist fashion, it’s the one thing which will never occur so don’t shed any tears for Australia as they don’t intend to solve the problem.

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