Monday, July 6, 2020

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    Embassy of Israel Response to the Statement by Hon Winston Peters

    Patricia DeenSpokespersonEmbassy of Israel in Wellington Wellington, 24 June 2020  The concern expressed in the New Zealand Government press release...

    New Zealand Expresses Concerns over Proposed Israeli Annexation Plans

    Rt Hon Winston PetersDeputy Prime MinisterForeign Affairs 23 JUNE 2020 Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today expressed the serious concern...

    Ardern Must End Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda on Friday

    Press Release: ACT Party “The Prime Minister must commit to ending the taxpayer-funded ‘Unite for Recovery’ campaign when New Zealand enters the pre-election...

    New Zealand First’s Disgust at Wave of Wokeism

    Press Release: NZ First New Zealand First Leader today expressed his outrage at the wave of idiocy surrounding the role of historic statues...

    Black Lives Are Not Important to BLM

    Press Release: New Conservative District Health Boards using skin colour in determining placement on surgery lists, the increasing call for splitting New Zealand...

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    The Speech That Will Win the Presidential Election

    Patriot It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion...

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