Monday, July 6, 2020
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    The High Court Judgment Is Out

    Michael DowlingChairmanCouncil of Licenced Firearms Owners Yesterday afternoon Justice Cooke issued his judgment on our High Court Judicial Review case. While this is not a clear win Justice Cooke's comments are a significant endorsement of many of our principle-based arguments. The Judge was clearly...

    Latest Poll Still Shows Major Work Needed for National

    1News released their latest Colmar Brunton poll yesterday: Labour: 50 down 9 (62 seats)National: 38 up 9 (47 seats)Greens: 6 (7 seats)NZ First: 2Act: 3 (4 seats) Preferred PM Jacinda Ardern: 54Todd Muller: 13 Net...

    Face of the Day

    It’s been a week since problems at the New Zealand border first emerged, but the cloud hanging over Health Minister David Clark’s career hasn’t lifted. It’s a big deal calling for someone to resign. Despite much jeering and jibing, the Opposition doesn’t often...

    Latest 1News/Colmar Brunton Poll

    1News has released their latest Colmar Brunton poll tonight: Labour: 50 down 9 (62 seats)National: 38 up 9 (47 seats)Greens: 6 (7 seats)NZ First: 2Act: 3 (4 seats) Preferred PM Jacinda Ardern: 54Todd Muller: 13

    I Never Lie

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    Councils under Pressure to Save and Invest, to Kickstart Economy

    EDITORIAL: The calculators and spreadsheets of finance staff in our local government offices are working overtime. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced councils to rewrite their annual plans and recalculate their proposed average rates increases for the 2020-21 financial year. It’s a...

    Winston Derails the Government

    The debacle that is the light rail project up Dominion Road has been electrocuted. The hoped for Streetcar named Desire is no more and it appears it is thanks to Winston Peters. Well, I’ll happily stand first in the queue to thank him. If ever there...

    The Hand Brake Works Again

    Winston Peters has again said no to wasteful and silly spending, this time it is the light rail project that Labour promised would be completed by 2021, but so far hasn't had a single rail tie laid. The Government has conceded its flagship...

    Creeping Closer to an Earlier Election

    If you had asked me last week whether or not I thought the Government would go full term, then I'd have said yes. Now, I'd hedge my bets, but say the likelihood of an earlier election has passed a greater than 50% chance...

    Political Victim of the Day

    #Brutal— Tova O'Brien (@TovaOBrien) June 24, 2020


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