Sunday, August 9, 2020
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    Election 2020

    The Key Election Issue

    Dr Muriel As we look ahead to the upcoming election, a major question on the mind of most voters is which government will be best able to manage New Zealand out of the current crisis – one led by Labour or one...

    “Know Us By Our Deeds” – Housing

    The Prime Minister loves slogans, lots of slogans. One such slogan that featured on the cover of Time Magazine was "Know us by our deeds". She has used the statement many times, especially with regard to the Christchurch...

    A FREE Taste of an Insight: Politics Transcript Episode 16

    I discuss the latest poll, the demise of Iain Lees-Galloway and Andrew Falloon and what’s ahead for the cannabis referendum. Next I dish some dirt on some hypocritical departing MPs and have a look at the Green Party's election marketing.

    Ardern Doesn’t Need Policy to Win 2020

    Ardern’s popularity hangs off Christchurch and COVID - nothing more and nothing less. She did not end child poverty, build affordable housing, reduce hospital waiting lists, create jobs or get vagrants off the streets. Facts do not matter and neither does policy. Having failed to keep...

    Satirical Image of the Day

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    The Minor Parties

    Sir Bob As always, with elections there’s new parties popping up, none of which will register meaningfully in the polls. I include the Maori Party, now under the joint leadership of John Tamihere, in that category as I suspect it’s done its...

    What A Hopeless Bunch of Sheep We Are

    The government told us that we didn't need to wear masks so most of us didn't. Being friendly with a number of health professionals, I was told that there is not much point in wearing a mask anyway unless they are proper surgical masks and properly...

    Face of the Day

    Judith Collins claims people feel 'very segregated' because of calls for more diversity National leader Judith Collins has blasted concerns about lack of diversity in society, claiming "people have felt very segregated" because of it - but she has no plans to get...

    Questions and Advice for Judith Collins From the Chinese Community

    Portia Portia Mao has been working as a journalist since graduating from Auckland University with a Masters degree in Film, Television and Media Studies in 2002. Following a public appearance in Pakuranga by National Party leader Judith Collins, journalist...


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