Monday, July 6, 2020
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    Election 2020

    The Labour Party’s New Slogan and Rallying call Revealed "Let's do this" is out and "Let's keep moving" is in. The question remains, in which direction?

    Labour Isn’t Working

    In 1978 the Conservative party in the UK ran a billboard ad campaign across the country called "Labour Isn't Working". It was run in anticipation that Labour Party Prime Minister James Callaghan would call a general election. It was revived for the...

    RMA Misrepresentations

    Dr Muriel The Resource Management Act is one of New Zealand’s worst performing pieces of legislation. It has become a major barrier to progress by adding costs and delays to the local authority consenting process. It has also been identified as a...

    A Gutless Leader and an Inept Government

    What is it with this Prime Minister? She seems determined to have us confined within our borders until a vaccine is found, which may or may not prove effective, or until she can say she is the first leader of a country to eliminate this particular...

    A Plan for Poverty

    David LawResearch The Green Party’s “Poverty Action Plan” is all about tackling poverty, although the outcomes may differ from what the party expects. While it is meant to help struggling New Zealanders, the plan will instead disincentivise work, saving,...

    The Puddle Is Now up to His Knees

    When he took over I said that Todd Muller was wetter than an ocean. He capitulated and made a meal over the woke brigade's demands for a browner front bench. Instead of cutting Simon Bridge's throat and standing firm on his refusal to...

    Face of the Day

    Listened to Magic today and the number of people who declared themselves loyal National voters saying that after Todd Mullers position on Hamish Walker's comments will not be voting for them was very revealing. Disinfectant

    New Health

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    Labour’s Latest Polling Must Be Bad; David Clark Resigns

    Labour must have seen some bad polling because until yesterday the Prime Minister was expressing confidence in her hapless Health Minister. Now Jacinda Ardern has weakly accepted his resignation, just in time for David Clark to head home for the school holidays.

    The Tennis Ball Party

    [...] The ability to feed them if you breed them is of no interest to the Greens. Instead, taking the planning out of family planning comes with a new financial reward. Sole parents will have a $110 top-up to their GMI bringing it to $435 a week.


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