Monday, July 6, 2020
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    Election 2020

    300 People Vanish into Thin Air

    First we had two women who left quarantine early on compassionate grounds kissing and cuddling their way from Auckland to Wellington when they had not been tested for COVID-19 but, as it turned out, they did have the disease. Then it turned out...

    Soimon Promoted

    Sir Bob In a reshuffle the National leader has awarded Soimon the Foreign Affairs Shadow Ministerial role, replacing Gerry Brownlee. Gerry told the media he was happy about that. Where’s the Tui billboard when we need it with such rich pickings?

    Wetter Than an Ocean and the Spine of a Jellyfish

    Todd Muller really hasn't gotten a handle on this leadership thing yet. When he took over Simon Bridges wanted demanded Foreign Affairs. Muller said no. It turns out that if you are vacillating and under attack for not being woke...

    Face of the Day

    Former Chinese Spy Trainer and NZ MP Faces Calls to Be Sacked

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    Labour MP David Clark Steps down as Health Minister

    Labour MP David Clark has stepped down as Health Minister. The embattled MP for Dunedin North said he had become a "distraction" and that the "time is right" for someone else to fill the role, but he will stand as an MP in...

    Colour Coding

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    Our Non-green Green Party

    Sir Bob More than any other political party the Greens have potentially, almost 100% public support for their principal aims. The very small exception are often perfectly sensible folk who believe global warming is largely a natural phenomenon.

    Still Being Brought to Heel

    The little woman running this country appears to be still obsessed with control. Even though there are countries that are happy to accept Kiwis with tourist dollars to spend, her advice is not to go. Stay and spend those dollars in your own backyard, she says....

    Todd Muller Breaks His Duck

    Sir Bob The Nats new leader has finally put some runs on the board. Speaking to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce he stated the obvious, namely that it’s totally untenable to keep our borders closed until either/if a vaccine...


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