Thursday, August 6, 2020

    David Farrar

    Kiwiblog is the personal blog of David Farrar. I set it up in July 2003 after several months of getting addicted to reading other blogs. Prior to blogging, I used to participate in Usenet Internet newsgroups, since 1996. I blog on any issue or thing I find interesting. Now this is mostly politics, but also quite a bit on technology and the Internet. And as my friends use the blog to keep track of what I am up to, there’s a fair amount of personal stuff also, photos of places I have been, food, theatre or movie reviews, or just anything I want to share.

    The Race for Tukituki 2020

    2017 Results  Majority: National 2,813 (63/71) or 7%Nat Party Vote: 49% (26/71)Lab Party Vote: 34% (41/71)Nat Candidate Vote: 48% (31/64)Lab Candidate Vote: 41% (32/71)NZF...

    What the Latest Poll Means

    The One News Colmar Brunton poll Thursday night reinforced that the previous Newshub Reid Research was an outlier. The 21% gap in ONCB is still incredibly...

    The Race for Palmerston North 2020

    2017 Results  Majority: Labour 6,392 (44/71) or 18%Nat Party Vote: 40% (48/71)Lab Party Vote: 41% (25/71)Nat Candidate Vote: 35% (50/64)Lab Candidate Vote: 53% (18/71)NZF...

    An Outlier Poll

    [...] Reid Research is a very good polling company. Colmar Brunton is also a very good polling company, and of course I think Curia is also. So how is it that very good companies can have divergent results?

    Latest Polling on Cannabis Referendum

    [...] Weekly tracking of voter sentiment on the cannabis referendum.

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    Autism in Girls: 5 Social Anxiety Traits (You Need to Know)

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    Is The Narrative Falling Apart?

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